About this blog

I’ve begun to write a blog from today. Do you know the blog “1000 Awesomethings” which got a Webby award for Best Blog?

I’d like to introduce a TED Talk, about Neil Pasrich who made the blog “1000 Awesomethings”. The title is “The 3 A’s of awesome”. It was very fun for me.

Awesome means “YABAI” in Japanese. I’ll explain simply about “The 3 A’s of Aawesome”.

  1. ATTITUDE (No matter how difficult it is, more forward and move on and take baby steps in to the future)
  2. AWARENESS (Seeing the world for the first time. Having a sense of awareness is just about embracing your inner three year-old.)
  3. AUTHENTICITY (It’s just about being you and being cool with that.)

Please check the link below

Anyway I spent too much time in the introduction. My blog’s concept is to mimic “1000 Awesometings”. I’ll find lucky things and small joys in my life and be aware of them and write them on my blog. In doing so, my life must be “Awesome”.

My blog’s title is “1000 Small Joys”.

It starts from #1000 and goes down to #1.

I study English too, so I’ll write the Small Joys in English as much as possible.