#902 Hawaii’s Daydream 〜at the Heather Brown Gallery〜

Do you know Heather Brown?

She is a painter who lives in Hawaii.
I like her bright paintings which feature big waves, white plumerias, pretty birds and rainbows in Hawaii.
When I look at her pictures, I feel happy, relaxed and want to go to Hawaii!!

I bought a pink frame and two paintings.

I went to “The Heather Brown Gallery” in Osaka with my friend on April 2nd because Heather came to the gallery on that day. It was a beautiful sunny day although cherry blossoms had not bloomed yet. Many of her fans came to the gallery and everybody seemed to be having fun there.
I bought a pink frame which was made by wasted wood and two paintings that matched the frame. One of the paintings was rainbow and sea. The other one was a bear and a few birds. They were both art prints. My friend also bought an art print.
Then we gat Heather’s autograph on our prints in front of us and took a picture with her. She is amiable and a very nice person.

Message from Hawaii

After a short while I posted about Heather Brown’s gallery on facebook, my friend T who is living in Hawaii commented on the post.
She said “I remembered that we got Heather’s autograph in Northshore!” (Actually I’ve met Heather in Hawaii 6 years ago.)
I was so happy to get my friend’s message from Hawaii. How great facebook is! I wanted to fly to Hawaii and meet my friend right away!

Surrounded by many Heather’s paintings, I had a cup of Hawaiian coffee in the gallery. Heather’s nice smile hasn’t changed at all since 6 years ago.

Small joy!!!(2016.4)

↑They were selling Hawaiian coffee beens.

↑The other one which I bought was an art print of a bear and a few birds.

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