#897 I’ve found a good site~”iHerb”

I like rosemary smell

I like washing my hands especially when I like the smell of the hand soap. It makes me feel good, refresh and relaxed. I prefer flower scented soap but not sweet scented.

I bought a hand soap at Costco

I bought a liquid soap called “AVALON ORGANICS Rejuvenating Rosemary” at COSTCO.
I like it a lot because of its strong rosemary smell. But recently I was not able to find it at COSTCO anymore.

I found a good site

Therefore I researched on the internet to find out where I can buy it.
At Amazon, it was about 3500 yen (12oz). It’s too expensive. I continued my search.
Finally I found a good site “iHerb”. They sell the same hand soap for only 659 yen. I decided to buy it on this site.
I bought 4 bottles of hand soap, 2 rosemary, 1 lavender, 1 peppermint. Surprisingly, they gave me a first time discount $10. The total was only 2019 yen, including the 647 yen shipping fee.
It took about a week for the items to arrive because they came from the USA directly. I will order other things in this site next time.
I really recommend you because their goods are cheaper than other sites.

I’m looking forward to the mint soap

Before I got these hand soap, I used it only a little by a little. Since I like it’s smell very much, I didn’t want to use it up. I told my husband, “Don’t push too hard on the pump! Just use a little bit each time!”
I was stingy.

Now we can push the pump of the hand soap as hard as we want. Moreover I am looking forward to the mint soap which I’ve never smelled before.

Small joy!!(2017.5.26)

*Disclaimer: I didn’t receive any compensation from any site. Just my personal opinion.

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