#895 My family’s wonder woman ~an exhibition of my mom’s work~

↑My mom made a handwoven kimono using her handloom

Mom’s handwoven cloths event

My mom and her friends organized a handwoven cloths event at Sakura City Museum of Art.
They made handwoven cloths using handlooms. Since the yarn were dyed in indigo, the exhibits including tapestries, clothes, bags and kimonos were all in beautiful varieties of blue color.

She made an indigo kimono by her handloom

I went to the event on the last day.
My mom was wearing an indigo dress which she made with her handloom. It suited her very well.
Some of her works were on display. They included a kimono, a roll of cloth, some table cloths and dining mats. She made all of them by herself.
Fortunately the cool kimono was made for me!
I look forward to wear it and show it to her.

↑table cloths, dining mats and magewappa coffee cups

I’m so proud of my mom!

Making all these are a formidable task and I couldn’t believe that she completed by herself. She has put in so much effort and she finally made it! Way to go! I am so so proud of you my dear mom!

I want to be as successful and determined as her. I hope I can show the same attitude towards my own hobby in the future.

Small joy!!!(2017.6.11)

↑The yarn were dyed in indigo

↑”Kudenshu” is a book that shows how to weave on a loom in the local area.

↑Mom and her friends made a cloth from the “kudenshu”

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