#894 Thinking of someone in the rain

How to enjoy yourself on rainy days

I read a newspaper column from Kundo Koyama about how to enjoy yourself on rainy days. I’d like to share his 3 ideas with you.

①Getting a pair of good rain boots and enjoy waiting to use it

One of them is getting yourself a pair of good rain boots. He likes the brand “MACKINTOSH PHILOSOPHY”, and he has 5 pairs of them, from ankle boots to knee-high boots. He likes the point that these rain boots don’t look like regular rain boots. In fact he likes them so much that just having them in his shoe collection already makes him happy. And on top of that, he also enjoys the moment while waiting to use them before the rainy days.

②Keeping a list of places to visit on rainy days

Secondly, he keeps a list of places to visit during rainy season. For example, Karuizawa is one of his places. He found the trees look more refreshing and beautiful in the rain. He also likes the smell of greens and rain mixed together in the air. Sometimes he would go to an outdoor hot spring so that he can hear the sound of rain drops. Usually there is nobody around because of the rain, so it feels like he owns the whole place.

③Thinking of someone in the rain

Lastly the rain always reminds him of someone special. It makes him want to contact the person. Wherever he is, it is wonderful if someone can share the special moment with him on a rainy day.

In conclusion, he says that you don’t have to feel bad when it rains. If you think “Lucky!” when it rains, your life is happier. Maybe 130% happier according to him.

Who is the person that I think of on rainy days?

How were his ideas? Do you like them?
He is such a romantic person, isn’t he?

After I read this column, I was wondering who the person is when I think of on rainy days.
But I couldn’t come up with any person on top of my head. I think I will have to try harder to think of the person that reminds me of the rainy days.

Small joy!!(2017.6.23)

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