#887 Dazzling performance of Kamigatamai

Do you know “Kamigatamai”?

Kamigatamai is one of classical Japanese dance which started in Kyoto and Osaka in middle of Edo period. The style of the dance is different from the ones in Kanto area.

At Kokuritsu Bunraku Gekijyo in Osaka

I went to see the “Yamamurawakasaki Kamigatamai” at Kokuritsu Bunraku Gekijyo on August 20th. My friend Wakashizuwa san who is a master of Yamamuraryu, performed dance on the stage by herself. She was wearing light purple kimono and Japanese traditional style wig. She danced in front of a folding screen and lamp stands. The background music was a folk song played by shamisen and sang by a female voice.

Dazzling performance of Kamigatamai

Her performance was so beautiful, sophisticated and elegant. The dance was “Mamanokawa” which express a woman’s sadness. Through her dance, she expressed the emotional ups and downs of the character and I was dazzled by her charming performance.
Her performance took about 15 minutes.

It’s exciting to have such a new experience.

After her performance, my friend H and I rushed to backstage to say hello to Wakashizuwa san. Although, there were many of her fans, we took a picture with her.

Wakashizuwa san was at backstage
It’s exciting to have such a new experience, since I’ve never watched kamigatamai.
Now I am starting to wonder how different kamigatamai is when compared to the dance in Kanto area.

Small joy!!!(2017.8.20)

↑High school and junior high school students were working as receptionists. Their hair is natural hair, not wig.

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