#864 The birthplace of instant noodles~the Cupnoodles Museum in Ikeda city

My ex-host family from Seattle came to Osaka!

My ex-host family from Seattle came to Osaka, so I spent a day with them to show them around.
I finally got to meet host mother that I had not seen for 25 years!
We talked a lot about what happened in the last 25 years on the train to Ikeda station from Umeda station. We went to the Cupnoodles Museum in Ikeda city to make chicken ramen.

Make instant noodles at the Cupnoodles Museum

We made instant noodles from scratch by hand. We first started with kneading the wheat flour and them deep fried it. A staff helped us a lot in the process. We were wearing aprons and yellow “sankakkin” bandage printed with big chick’s eyes.

↑Thin out the dough sheet

↑Cut the dough sheet into noodles

↑A staff flied my noodle in oil.

We drew an original picture on the package of the noodles by color pens. The staff packed our fresh noodles in front of us, then handed to us individually. We got two chicken ramen and a “sankakkin” bandage as souvenirs.

↑These are souvenirs. Look at my awful drawing!

I recommend you “the birthplace of instant noodles”

This cooking experience was around 90 minutes. It was so much fun!
We also took a lot of pictures. I really enjoyed myself even as an adult.
You can have this experience only 500yen! (You need a reservation.)
Would you like to try it too?

Small joy!!!(2018.3.15)

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