#986 The Wizarding World of Harry Potter


Three friends came to Osaka from Chiba to see me! They are my Junior high school classmates.

We went to “THE WIZARDING WORLD OF Harry Potter” in Universal Studio Japan. After passing through the world gate, you can see “HOGWARTS EXPRESS”. I couldn’t see a conductor that day, maybe, he was absent.

We went into the “HOGWRTS CASTLE”. Before ridding an attraction, you have to store your bags and personal items in a locker, even your cellphone. I felt weird that everybody needed to put stuffs in the lockers. Because, that reminded me to “sento” which is Japanese style public baths.

Finally, I rode the attraction “HARRY POTTER AND THE FORBIDDEN JOURNEY IN 4K3D” with 3D glasses. It was amazing. I dove into the sky. The image was very real. This attraction is the first 4K3D in the world.

After walking out from the castle, one of my friends sipped a cup of “BUTTER BEER”.

Small Joy!!(2015.7.2)

Lunch at the “Three Broomsticks”

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日々の小さな喜び(Small Joys)を英語と日本語で紹介しています。 1000個のSmall Joysまでブログを続けていきます。
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