#808 Haniwa fever ~ from puddings to “Haniwa bu-cho”

Haniwa doll figure pudding cup

Yesterday I bought a pudding at a limited event at a department store.
The design of the pudding cup was a haniwa doll figure. Since it was a pottery, I decided to keep it after I finished the pudding, so that I could use it as a cup. It was not very big. The height was around the length of my index finger. It was very unique.

The burial mounds in Sakai was designated as a World Heritage site this year.

This year, the burial mounds (Kofun) in Sakai city was designated as a World Heritage site. Thanks to this honor, I can see a lot of related goods in the shops. For example sweets, stationery, clothes and books. Most of the goods have haniwa doll figure and tomb designs.

“Haniwa Bu-cho” (Chief Haniwa Officer)

When I was buying the pudding, I saw the business card of Chief Haniwa Officer at the cashier. Chief Haniwa Officer, short for CHO, is the official PR Yuru-chara for the burial mounds in Sakai. He is 1600 years old and is still single.

“He visited our shop and left his business card here,” the shop staff was very excited, “ I even took a picture with him!”

I didn’t know that he was recently promoted. Originally he was only a manager (Haniwa Ka-cho). Then on August 28(We can call the day “ha-ni-wa” in Japanese) this year, he was promoted to general manager (Haniwa Bu-cho).
I am not sure why he was promoted. Maybe he contributed a lot of his time to promote the burial mounds, which led to the recognition.
Good job!

Small joy!!(2019.10.4)

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