#798 Special handling for flight tickets, regarding the coronavirus

Should I flight or not flight!?

My parents live in Chiba and they will have a buddhist memorial service this weekend. So I am supposed to attend it and I’m going to stay at my parents house for a few days.
I bought the ticket from a LCC in January to go to Chiba. The ticket was a non-changeable ticket.

But now we are facing the coronavirus pandemic in the world.
I’m more worried if I may spread the virus to my old parents than getting infected myself.

My mom and I were talking on the phone.

My mom said, “You don’t have to come this time. Come to Chiba after the coronavirus settles down.”

I said, “But my air ticket is not changeable. The money is wasted, but there is nothing I can do.”

Then mom said, “I’ll pay for your ticket.”

I said, “Don’t worry mom. It’s not a problem.”

Actually even before talking to my mom, I know that I am going to let that ticket go to waste. I didn’t even bother to check anything.

But after talking to her, I decided to go to Jetstar’s homepage just in case if there is any update.

Surprisingly, I found the following announcement at Jetstar.

【Jetstar Japan】Special handling for tickets, flight suspension and reduction of flight frequency regarding COVID-19 (Last Updated 10 March, 2020)

“Special handling for domestic route tickets”
Customers travelling on Jetstar Japan’s domestic network between 5 to 31 March 2020, are now able to opt for a free-of-charge date change or request a full refund in the form of a flight voucher. Details are as follows:

· Flights: Jetstar Japan operated domestic flights (flights starting with GK)
· Period: Flights departing between 5 March – 31 March 2020 inclusive
· Options: Free change of date on the same route until 28 April or a refund in the form of a flight voucher (valid for six months)
· How: Please read email sent from Jetstar or visit our website for more information
· Deadline: 19 March 2020

I can get a voucher instead.

Jetstar didn’t send any e-mail to me directly. I needed to research it by myself.
Otherwise, I would have given up the air ticket without knowing that I can get a voucher instead.

Thanks to my mom who reminded me about the cost of the ticket. If I didn’t have that conversation with her, I wouldn’t go to Jetstar’s homepage.

I think I will go to Chiba later this year.

Small joy!(2020.3.16)

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