#777 You can listen to the audio book “My friend Hitler” voiced by Mishima.

This year is 50th year anniversary of Mishima’s death.

Mishima Yukio was a famous novelist in Japan and was once nominated for Nobel Prize in Literature in 1963. Some of his novels were adapted into movies. He committed suicide by seppuku 50 years ago.
Recently some book stores set up a Mishima’s book corner for his 50 years memorial.

The audio book “My friend Hitler” voiced by Mishima

Since I’ve never read his book, I bought one named 「サド公爵夫人・わが友ヒットラー」(”Madame de Sade / My Friend Hitler”).
The book was probably a script written for a drama play, because it contains only lines of dialogues. Luckily, this book has a QR code and customers can listen to the audio book “My friend Hitler” voiced by Mishima. (The link is only valid until January 31, 2021)
Then, I listened to the audio book “My friend Hitler” (It took about 1 hour and 45 minutes.) I really enjoyed the book because I could hear Mishima’s vigorous voice.

I probably wouldn’t have finished the story without Mishima’s voice

If the book didn’t come with the audio, I think I probably wouldn’t have been able to finish the story.
First of all, it is a difficult book. It doesn’t come with any background information. The story starts right away in the middle of an event. On top of that, the dialogues are also not the common day to day Japanese. I was listening to the audio while reading the book. Sometimes it was difficult to tell which person was talking because it was always Mishima’s voice. I could only tell by following the lines in the book. It was a “team effort” by my ears and eyes. It was quite a special experience.

I’m not telling the story here. But I highly recommend this book and I want you to have this same experience. It’s truly fun.

Small joy!!(2020.12.11)

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日々の小さな喜び(Small Joys)を英語と日本語で紹介しています。 1000個のSmall Joysまでブログを続けていきます。
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