#763 My lemon tree has yielded 9 lemons this year.

↑The color of the lemons is the same as the green leaves (Aug.24th)

My lemon tree has yielded 9 lemons. It is the first time since it yielded lemons 3 years ago.
I was worried if my lemon tree had some problem since it hadn’t grown anything at all for 3 years. Then I gave her a fertilizer last March. After that the leaves got well and bloomed white flowers with nice aroma. As tiny lemons were growing bigger, I counted the number of lemons in July. Strangely enough, the number varies from 8 to 10 depending on the day, because the color of the lemons is the same as the green leaves. It’s hard to find them sometimes.

↑Can you find the 4 lemons? (Nov.10th)

Recently the lemons are turning yellowish green from dark green.
Then I ate a grilled salmon with a slice of the lemon. It was very good and I was moved. Because I waited for 3 years for my lemon tree to grow this lemon.

*I used a fertilizer called “hyponex”. I think it is available in many gardening stores.↓

Small joy!!(2021.11.11)

Here are my previous posts about my lemon tree!

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 Maria | 2022.01.20 14:29

I’m glad your lemon tree produced some fruit. I am useless with lemon trees! I have 2 varieties of lemons but both are just standing in pots wondering what to do next!? I’m wondering too. I think I should move them to a more sheltered spot in my garden as the wind here is terrible! My lemon trees look naked (no leaves) when the wind blows. BTW, Welllington is the windiest city in the world, and I live in a wind funnel.

 nako | 2022.01.20 21:56

My lemon tree is on the balcony on the 7th floor of the building. On windy days, sometimes the pot had fallen. It didn’t bear fruit for three years, and the leaves didn’t grow, so it looked like a dead tree, but when I gave it fertilizer, it became fine.
Place it in a sunny place and fertilize it in spring. It’ll be fine, maybe.
I hope the day will come when you can harvest lemons. Thank you, Maria san.