#950 Yuming’s song and a cafe “Dolphin”


A cafe “Dolphin” in Yokohama

I visited a cafe “Dolphin” in Yokohama with my friend on February 13th.
As the cafe was on top of the hill, we walked up there from Negishi station.

Yuming’s song and soda water

The cafe “Dolphin” is famous for the song “Umi o miteita gogo” of Yuming’s. Here is the phrase “A cargo ship is passing by the soda water” in the song. So some yuming’s fans order a glass of soda water to mimic the experience. But I have ordered a Mont Blanc cake and a cup of coffee instead of a soda water.

Who came with you?

Actually my friend and I have been to the cafe before separately. It was many years ago.
We were talking about who came to this cafe with me at the first time and how this cafe looked like before in our memory while we were seeing a passing ship and a smoke from a factory in a coastal industrial zone from the window.
I came here with my ex boyfriend many years ago. I remembered that time very much. But my friend didn’t remember who came with her before.
Sometimes when we listened to Yuming’s song at the cafe, it made us happy, even though that was a sad song.

Sweet memories

When we left the cafe, it was getting dark outside. We started to walk then she told me “I’ve just remembered who came with me.”
I was surprised to hear it because that person is a celebrity now!
I want to mention his name, but I am not allowed to say it.

Anyway, we backed to the young ages at that cafe for a while.

Small Joy!!(2016.2.13)

This is the cafe where we walked up

A smoke from a factory in a coastal industrial zone from the window at the cafe

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