#944 Would you like to check your “equol” level too?


Do you know “Equol”?

Every woman may be concerned about menopause transition. We women simply can’t do anything about it.

Recently I learned about a product on the internet. It is called “EQUELLE” from Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. This product claims that it can help women stay healthy and beautiful. “EQUELLE” is a supplement made from soybeans and contains “equol”. “Equol” is the key to women’s health and beauty during menopause transition.

What is a “Soy check kit”?

According to the pamphlet from “Women’s Healthcare Awareness & Menopause Network Society(NPO)”, only half of Japanese women can make “equol” by themselves. Whether if you can make “equol” or not, you can check by using a “soy check kit”. As I was very interested in it, I tried the kit and sending my sample to the company.

The result was …

The result was … ta-dah! Level. 4!! Level.4 is a good result and it means I can make “equol” by myself. If you can’t make “equol” by yourself, you can take “equol” supplement products such as “EQUELLE”. If you can make “equol” by yourself, you just need to eat soybean food like tofu and natto every day. For those who may not be able to eat soybean food every day, it is better to take “equal” supplement.

Even though I am not experiencing menopause yet, it is still a good idea to take “equol” to help me stay healthy.
Therefore, I’m taking “EQUELLE” for a month. If I feel any changes, I will report it to you.

What do you think? Would you like to check your equol level too?

The benefits of taking “Equol”

  • Reducing the discomfort and inconvenience during menopause transition
  • Preventing metabolic syndrome
  • Help to reduce wrinkles, sagging skin and dark spots on face
  • Preventing and improving osteoporosis

Small Joy!!(2016.4.8)

↑The result was Level.4. It means I can make “equol” by myself

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”エクオールがつくれていない人も、イソフラボンの健康効果を全く得られていないわけではありません。大豆を継続的に食べ続けることでエクオール産生菌を増やすことができる可能性もあります。また大豆にはイソフラボン以外の健康成分も多く含まれていますので、ぜひ毎日大豆を食べる習慣を継続させてください。”  SOY CHECK Q&Aより引用