#942 Pain leaves good memories.


One day I had a chance to exercise

I don’t do exercise at all in my daily life. I’ve noticed that I’m gaining weight recently.

One day I had a chance to exercise. My friend invited me to go to a temple named “Otowayama Kannonji” in Nara prefecture. The temple is at the top of a mountain.

Hike up on a steep trail

After getting off a bus, we hiked up on a trail. This mountain is not so high, but it is sort of a steep trail. Each of us held a stick in our hands during the hike.
My legs were getting tired and I couldn’t breathe very well. I usually don’t sweat but during the hike I sweated a little bit. I took a break while I was taking a picture. On the other hand, my friend was still full of energy.

The thousand-armed kannon is renowned for eye diseases

Finally we got to the temple. It took us one hour to get here. We prayed in front of the thousand-armed kannon which is renowned for its ability of fulfill the wishes of worshippers, especially those related to eye diseases. There was nobody else except us at the temple.

We missed the bus because …

When we walked down, my leg muscles were so tense that I had never experienced before. I couldn’t control my legs well. Since I didn’t want to miss the bus which runs only once an hour, I wanted to walk down fast. But I couldn’t walk fast at all. Then we missed the bus. We had to wait almost one hour at the bus stop. We were very tired, so we lay down and napped under a double cherry blossom tree.

Next day my legs were not like mine, you know. My friend also had severe muscle pain.

Pain leaves good memories

She will move to Tokyo from Osaka soon. It is very sad for me.
Fortunately this time we had this unforgettable, albeit quite painful, trip together that will leave a good memory in our heats.

Small Joy!!(2016.4.19)

↑Chozuya with camellia
A place for ritual cleansing of hands and mouth with water.

There was spring water in front of Fudoumyouou. It was very tasty. I took some water in a water bottle.

↑My friend and a double cherry blossom tree

↑And a wild cat

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