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#767 It’s the best season for peaches!

Wakayama is famous for peaches in Western Japan.

My husband and I drove to a farmer’s market in Wakayama to buy peaches last Sunday. It took about an hour from my house.
When I got off the car in the parking lot, I could already smell the sweet aroma of the peaches in the air, because the peach market was right next to the parking. At the moment, I was sure that I could buy some delicious peaches. It was a crowded day at the market and many customers were buying lots of peach in boxes.
We wanted to send a box to each of our parents. I needed to make sure that there was a small piece of warranty paper in the peach box. Without the paper, the box cannot be delivered.

We found nice-looking peaches and sent to our parents.

I joined the crowd at the market, and luckily I found 2 nice-looking boxes. There were 8 peaches in the box and it costed 1800 yen. The price was labelled on the box. While I was holding my 2 boxes, more customers were rushing in. I saw the other boxes flying off the shelf in front of me. I was kind of overwhelmed. My husband wasn’t there at that time. I don’t know why my husband is always missing during important moments. Then he suddenly appeared and we chose 4 peaches for ourselves. The market has “kuroneko yamato” delivery service. We used it to send the peaches to our parents in Niigata and Chiba.

Our “first peach” this year!

On the way home, I could smell the peaches, herbs, flowers, and vegetables in our car. It feels wonderful when you can smell fresh groceries.
Next day, our parents called us and said, “the peaches were very delicious. Our “first peach” this year! Thank you!”

Small joy!!(2021.6.20)

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#768 Having 15 small kids posing together is a very cute scene.

Sit up straight! , Raise your hand!, Touch your nose!とかスピーディーに指示をし、生徒に予め決められたポーズをさせます。15人くらいの小学生が一斉に同じゼスチャーをしているは可愛らしい。こちらは支持している側なのでちょっとした優越感である。

I teach grade 4 students English at my cram school. We often use gesture to help the students remember English vocabularies.
“Sit up straight!”
“Raise your hand!”
“Touch your nose!”

The students follow my instructions to make certain poses as quickly as possible.
Having 15 small kids posing together is a very cute scene. And to be able to lead them to do what I want makes me feel superior sometimes.

One of the instructions is “Smile!”, but since everyone is wearing mask during the class, I can’t find out whether they are actually smiling, so this one is skipped.

Small joy!!(2021.6)

“Sit up straight!”

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#769 Have you been fine during the covid-19 pandemic?

Have you been fine during the covid-19 pandemic?
Are you having some ups and downs in your physical condition?
Are you feeling differently in the pandemic?

Talking about myself, I don’t feel so good under the state of emergency. I don’t want to do anything.
I don’t want to study English and read books like before.
Do I have depression!?
But I have great appetite!

One day my friend H gave me a message. She said, “You haven’t posted in your blog for a while. I look forward to reading your blog.”
I haven’t posted in my blog for 2 months.

Thanks to her message, I’ve got some energy. I’m happy that I have such a nice friend.
Now is the time to find small joys under the pandemic. I will write my blog again.

If you are not well, let’s find some small joys in our daily life. It may motivate you to do something.
And I want to tell you that it’s not only you if you don’t feel well under this long pandemic.

Small joy!!(2021.5)

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#770 A steep slope on the way to school

My home town is at the country side.

I went to my parents’ home. It was the first time in 2 years since the corona pandemic started.

The other day, my mom and I took a walk in the neighborhood. My home town is at the country side and there are plenty of rice fields, cultivated land and woods. It was fun to walk and look around with my mom.
Then I wanted to visit my elementary school. When I was a student, I had to walk a steep slope on the way to school. I wondered if it was still the same dangerous slope.

The steep slope on the way to school

When we got there, I found a signboard. It said, “Don’t rush, don’t push, don’t run, don’t play!” The steep slope, surrounded by bamboos and trees, was still there.
The ground was no longer a rough road with sand and rocks. It is now a paved road.
The slope was dangerous because one side was a cliff. On a rainy slippery day, you may fall down the cliff. I was relieved to see that there were now fence and concrete wall on both sides of the road.

There were always bears hiding in the bushes!?

As I went to down the slope I remembered that I was an elementary school girl carrying a backpack called “randoseru” in Japan. When I walked the slope the first time, I was a 4th grade little girl. I was transferred from Yokohama. I grew up in the big city and moved to this rural area in Chiba. I was naive and surprised to see the wild steep slope.
Although it was quite unlikely, I felt like there were always bears hiding in the bushes.
My father worried about bears and so he gave me a small bear bell. I put the bell on my backpack.
Thinking about it now, perhaps it was actually my father’s prank.

Anyway, it was really fun to relive the old memory of my elementary student years in Chiba. Moreover, I am happy that my school road remains almost the same as it was back then.

Small joy!!(2021.3)

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#771 The ability to ask, think and express from the age of 10

I read the book named 「10歳から身につく問い、考え、表現する力」(“The ability to ask, think and express from the age of 10”).

I just want to keep a memo about this book for myself.

According this book, the best age to start studying English is at 10, because kids at this age can understand grammar.
And the author doesn’t recommend going to international school if the parents don’t speak English at home. Mother language is the most important language for kids. It’s not too late if high school students go abroad to learn English.

Regarding how to speak English, you need to speak clearly with abdominal breathing, so that other people can hear your voice better. Small voice is not good.
Reading aloud is a good practice to train your spoken English.

Make them ask anything

Don’t say “Why don’t you understand?” to kids.
They wouldn’t ask you anymore. Let’s compliment and admit their questions. You should say “You noticed something interesting.”” I didn’t have that idea.”

My thoughts on this book

My students are around 10-year-old. So it’s a perfect time to start English.
Under the pandemic, kids in my school are wearing masks. The masks are making it a bit difficult for them to speak English. Since their voice is very small, I can’t hear them. I might say that you don’t have to speak loudly, just speak clearly.
On the other hand, some students are talkative and speak up in class, but in Japanese. I think this book is probably targeted for parents. In their case, they have a lot more time to spend on just one child. In my class, it is quite different. I am just one teacher versus 10+ students in the classroom. I do not have the time to pay attention to each kid equally. Maintaining order is more important in a large class. Otherwise, everyone will get so loud and the class simply cannot carry on.

Small joy!!(2021.3)

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#772 People are unusually kind and treat us well when we are in kimono. Maybe.

↑My friend made me this mask to pair the haori-kimono.↑

Kimono lunch

Recently I met with two other friends for a “kimono lunch”. A “kimono lunch” means everyone who attends the lunch must be wearing kimono.
The weather was sunny. It was a perfect day to wear kimono outside.

We had lunch at a nice restaurant at Namba. The food and atmosphere were great but the staff made a mistake in the order and served a different dish to my friend. She had ordered a salmon rice pot, but they gave her a sea bream rice pot. The server said, “Sorry, we’ll make another one, but it’ll take some time.” My friend said, “Well, it’s okay. I’ll take the sea bream.” After a while, the server brought us three salmon sushi as an apology for the mistake. We shared the sushi and they were delicious.

When we left the restaurant, a casher apologized sincerely about the mistake.
We talked about that people are unusually kind and treat us well when we are in kimono. Maybe.

At a Chanel boutique

We stopped by a Chanel boutique which I’ve never been in. My friends like Chanel. We were just looking in the crowded store. I was wearing a mask which has the same pattern design as my kimono.
Three store staff at different corners said to me, “Your mask matches with your kimono! They are stunning!” “You look gorgeous!” “Three of you were so outstanding when you entered the store”
I was so happy because I was praised by the Chanel staff. And I didn’t feel that they were just trying to flatter us.

We talked about how incredibly kind people were when we were in kimono again after leaving the store.

Small joy!!(2021.2.12)

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#773 A front-loading washing machine came in my home.

The newcomer has a drying function.

A new washing machine came in my home last Sunday.
It is a big brown front-loading washing machine.

Since the old one was already 25 years old, although it could still run fine, I decided to say good bye to it with a big thank you. The old one’s brand was National and the newcomer is Toshiba. The old one didn’t have a drying function but new one has it.

↑This is the old one. I said good bye to it with a big thank you.

A happy thing & a bad thing

The first day when the new washing machine came I did a lot of laundry. Although it took more than 3 hours, I was happy when I opened the washing machine’s door to touch and feel the warm laundry.

On the other hand, I had a bad experience. The fuse was blown because I used the washing machine, oil heater and a hair dryer at the same time.

I need to get used to its big size. It makes the laundry room feel small.
I haven’t finished reading the user manual yet. I have to do that.
I hope I can eventually master this advanced machine just like the old one.

Small joy!!(2021.2.5)

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#774 The sound of singing bowl may relive your stress.

Have you ever heard the sound of singing bowl?

The vibration of the sound is really interesting. You can make the bowl sing by holding the bowl with one hand, and pressing a mallet against the bowl’s edge in a circular motion with another hand. It’s fun to hear the sound getting louder.

I was told that singing bowl is originated from Tibet and is one of the ritual implements. It is also being used as a healing tool these days and is popular among yoga practitioners in Europe and America.

Strangely, I feel hot when I make the sound.

Singing bowl is used for stress relief and to clear one’s mind. I heard that it also has some other potential benefits. In my case, I use it when I want to change my mood before doing something. Or when I have nothing to do.
Strangely, I feel hot when I make the sound. Maybe I was so focused on making the sounds. An Indian shop owner that sells singing bowls said the vibration of the sound go through from your hand to bloodstream and improve blood flow. I am not so sure about but I think it is interesting!

“The sound will bring us the power to live in a beautiful tomorrow!” with a description

The singing bowl comes with a description: “The sound of this bowl will remove the anxieties and annoyances in our lives, and bring us the power to live in a beautiful tomorrow together with the sound.”

I hope this sound help us in these tough times.

Small joy!!(2021.1.15)

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#775 It feels like a good start of the year by getting a McDonald’s lucky bag

A McDonald’s lucky bag

Do you buy a lucky bag every New Year?
I don’t, but I got a McDonald’s lucky bag which was collaborated with Coleman this year.

↑There are two designs of the front and back.

It includes a tote bag, a clock, a mug, a porch and free meal coupons for 3160 yen. Moreover, if you were lucky, you had a 1/10th of a chance to get an extra meal card for 500 yen. The price of the lucky bag was 3000 yen (tax included).
It took a little bit of work to get this lucky bag. First, you had to enter an online lottery in December. If you won, you could buy at the McDonald’s which you designated beforehand.

Actually, I lost the lottery.

I was disappointed it at the beginning of this year. But my husband didn’t give up. He checked the internet and found that sometimes customers can still buy lucky bags, because some lottery winners don’t show up and there are usually leftovers. So we went to 2 McDonald’s in our area by our car before 11pm to see if there was any leftover bag. Both didn’t have any left.
Although we are not big fans of McDonald’s, I felt like we were playing a treasure hunting game, so it was quite exciting.

The game was finished and happy ending.

Although I almost gave up, he didn’t. Finally he bought it at the McDonald’s inside Namba station the next day.
He looked very satisfied since the game was over.
For me it feels like a good start of the year, in which I missed my chance but eventually I got it with the help of my never-give-up husband.

Anyway, the bag didn’t have an extra meal card. But I feel I am already lucky enough.

Small joy!!(2021.1.8)

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#776 “Gacha gacha”(capsule toy machine)~nostalgic confections~

“Gacha gacha”(capsule toy machine)

Sometimes I want to try “gacha gacha”(capsule toy machine) when I find something I really like, or when I just want to kill time. I also like checking capsule toys on Instagram and one day I found some really cute capsule toys.

Wow, this feels so nostalgic!

They were famous confection’s miniatures. The series have 5 kinds of confections. I especially want the “Izumiya Tokyo-ten special cookies.” This cookie box reminds me of my childhood because I ate a lot at home and at my grandparents’ home.

This is “otona-gai”.

I have never seen this capsule toy machine anywhere, so I thought my chance of getting this toy was quite small. Then I found out that I could buy capsule toys directly on the internet. This was “otona-gai”「大人買い」(spending a lot of money on things. Splurge on things that we couldn’t get when we were young)! Each item was 400 yen. There were 5 kinds of them but the total was only 1900 yen. And plus 340 yen for shipping. The total was 2240 yen.
Wasn’t it good for an “otona-gai”? Sometimes it is great to be an adult.

↑My Barbie and “gacha”.

Small joy!!(2020.12.18)

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