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#814 A book “Hito wa kagaku ga nigate” (People are not good at science~reported from USA~)

Some people believe the earth is flat!?

I read a book called “Hito wa kagaku ga nigate” (People are not good at science~reported from USA~).

  • Some people doubt that global warming is caused by human activities.
  • Some people believe the theory of creation, not the theory of evolution.
  • Some people believe the earth is flat not round.

Why do they think so? I was wondering.
This book answered it for me.
I’d like to share with you what the book says.

They don’t like science because it opposes to their philosophy.

The global warming skeptics, flat-earth believers, and the creationists also tend to support President Trump and the Republican party. They may also be pious Christians, evangelicals or conservatives. Some of them don’t like science because it opposes to their philosophy.
The fossil fuel industries also don’t believe in science, because they don’t want any regulations to reduce their profit. They doubt about science and scientists.

People only see what they want.

The book author says people are irrational. People only see what they want. We have emotional bias and confirmation bias. We are also surrounded by filter bubbles on the internet.

Thus, it is important to choose who to listen from. We must listen to those who are reliable and trustworthy. Your family, school and other environments educate your mind and lead you to become who you are. Unfortunately, some teachers are teaching the theory of creation in the US.

It’s very hard to persuade and change people’s mind. Because knowledge reaches the mind through the heart.

Scientists are trying to improve their communication skills and to interact with the public.

Now scientists have realized that it is important to educate the public about science. When something is incorrect, they must speak up. Scientists are trying to improve their communication skills and to interact with the public. Even though they may not be able to change people’s mind right away, they want to share the knowledge and make it easier to understand, so that more people can believe in science.

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#815 I went to ko-do master’s house. ~Japanese incense art and “misogi” custom~

Ko-do master’s house

I went to Ko-do master’s house last Sunday.
Ko-do is a traditional Japanese incense art. My friend, she is one of the Ko-do master’s students.
She invited me to join a Ko-do game at her master’s house. Although it was rainy, some people were wearing kimono, my friend too when I got to the house. The master’s house was so tidy and stylish.

Ko-do game started

10 people sat down on tatami mat and the Ko-do game started. My friend being the presenter, served us 3 types of incense, each in a koro, in order. A koro is an incense pot. We smelled three koros and tried to identify the difference. The first time was a rehearsal. Then the actual gameplay started.

She served four koroes in random order. We smelled each koro. One of them was a new incense that we haven’t smelled before.
Every time after I smelled, I wrote down the name of incense on a small piece of paper. It was difficult for me to memorize each smell.
When it is time to reveal the answer, the assistant wrote down our answers individually on a paper with a brush pen. My answer was 50% correct. Nobody answered perfectly.

June 30th is “Nagoshi no harae”(夏越の祓)

It was June 30th. the day is called “Nagoshi no harae”(夏越の祓). It is summer purification rites held at shrines on the last day of the sixth lunar month. Although I didn’t know the custom very much. We Japanese have a custom to stay away from bad evil things by using a paper doll in some areas of Japan.
One of the guests was a Shinto priest. She kindly prepared some paper dolls for us. I wrote my name and age on it. Then I chose 3 places on the paper doll to blow gently on. By doing so, it is supposed to relieve any pain and improve the body part’s functions in my body. She collected our dolls and headed to shrine to pray for us.
I really appreciated what the priest, the kodo master and my friends did. They taught me some very interesting Japanese traditions.

Sweets named ”Minazuki”

Afterwards, the kodo master served some sweets and maccha tea to us. Actually, there is a special traditional sweet for the day of “Nagoshi no harae”. It is originated from Kyoto but nowadays it is sold in many places in Japan. It is called “minazuki”. It is uiro(sweet rice jelly) with red beans on the topped shaped as a triangle. It is believed that red beans can scare away evil things. However we didn’t have “minazuki” at the kodo master’s house because she didn’t like it. We ate warabi-mochi jelly instead.

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↓Here is my previous post about “Kodo”~traditional Japanese incense art~

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#816 Strawberry paste and baby nephew

Baby nephew

I have an eight months old nephew.
I can’t see him very much because we live kind of far away from each other. His mother who is my sister-in-low, sometimes sends me his pics and videos. My favorite video is when he ate strawberry paste for the first time in his life. His mother is trying to wean him from breast milk.

His wry face is so funny!!

She gave the strawberry paste using a spoon to his small mouth. He tasted it and suddenly made a wry face. He swayed his head away. It seemed the strawberry paste was too sour for him.
I feel sorry for him, but that’s so funny!
I can’t stop laughing to see his face every time when I watch it.
He is so cute and adorable.

Pay more attention to try to feel more deeply and intensely

Babies and kids remind us of the moments when we experience things for the first time. Doing something new is always exciting.
As we get older, there are less new things we can experience. But maybe that’s not true. If we pay more attention to try to feel more deeply and intensely, we may be able to discover something new from the plain old day-to-day things. Having the right attitude and mindset can make our lives fun.

I am jealous of my nephew that there are so many things waiting for him to discover and experience.

Small joy!!(2019.6)

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#817 A fragrance bracelet

Fragrance bracelet

I found a nice bracelet at a department store. The bracelet was made form Japanese glass beads and was made by a Nepalese woman by hand. There were many kinds of design and they were colorful and cute. The most charming point about these bracelets is that you can smell the fragrance when wearing it.

aroma bottles

The shop had many varieties of aromas. I smelled a lot of aroma bottles. Then I chose one named “chakra balancing essential oil”. It is a blend of 25 essential oils that will help to rebalance and harmonies one’s chakra energy centres.

My purchase helps a Nepalese woman

I also chose a colorful bracelet. There was a name card in the bracelet’s package. I can read the name, Seema. I think she made the bracelet. And my purchase helps to improve the quality of life for her in Nepal.

Young people tend to have sharper sense of smell

I added 2 drops of oil to the bracelet and I really enjoyed the smell.
Some young ladies standing around said it smelled good too.
But kids at my cram school, especially boys don’t like the smell.
Finally I found that young people tend to have sharper sense of smell and more straightforward.
Sorry kids! I’ll try another smell which is more kids-friendly next time!

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#818 Yukata season is coming! ~ Kimono for summer ~

↑There were many varieties of yukata in front of a kimono store.

Yukita is a type of kimono for summer. It is used for casual wear like sleeping wear. We also wear it at some summer events.

I’m learning how to wear kimono once a week. I learned how to tie the obi (yukata’s belt) yesterday. Although tying an obi should have been easy, I found it quite difficult. Maybe I’m just clumsy.
When I was struggling to tie the obi I felt that time passed so quickly. But I could concentrate on the task and I really enjoyed the moment.
I’d like to wear hikata a lot this summer.

↑My yukata is conservative.

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#819 “RBG”~She is the second female supreme court judge of the U.S.~

What is “RBG”?

The last movie that I watched in theater was a documentary. The title is “RBG”, and it’s about the life and career of the second female supreme court judge of the United States. ”RBG” comes from her name, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She is 86 years old now and is very popular like some national idol. Her mug cups and T-shirts are sold in the U.S.
In Halloween and other events, children would dress up as her wearing a pair of big glasses and black judge coat with white lace collar.

she made great achievements of minority rights

In her long career, she made great achievements in the areas of sexual discrimination and minority rights. Some of the famous cases were covered in the movie.
One of cases that caught my interest was the case of USA vs. Virginia state in 1996.
The Supreme Court concluded that it was unconstitutional for Virginia Military Institute to qualify only men. Virginia Military Institute had a long history of accepting only men, but since the judgement, they started to accept women to enter the school.

She is a very charming super woman.

She is a modest person and always keep a low profile.
She didn’t have small talk with her classmates when she was a student.
She had a wonderful husband who dedicated his life to support her. He passed away in 2010.
They were famous for their good relationship.

She wears a sweatshirt that reads “Super Diva!” when she works out. She wants to work as long as possible. She is a very charming super woman.

I really admire and respect her.

We are living in a world where discrimination and inequality are everywhere. We need more people like her who can fight for the minorities. I am so fortunate that I got the opportunity to enjoy this great documentary.

You can watch a movie, “Believe”(English title is ”ON THE BASIS OF SEX” ) is also about the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her husband during their younger years.

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#820 Spice curry in Osaka ~”Kyuyamu tetsudo”~

A spice curry restaurant in Osaka

Spice curry is quite popular in Osaka, in recent years. One of the spice curry shops in Osaka, called “Kyuyamutei” was introduced on TV many times.
One day, I went to “Kyuyamu-tetsudo” in Umeda for lunch. It is a branch restaurant of “Kyuyamutei”.

Concept is in the train in some foreign country

Since the restaurant was small and crowded, I had to wait for a while. Most customers were singles like me.
The concept of the restaurant is like eating curry in the train, not the every day JR train. I’m talking about the old train in some foreign country.

The menu changes every month

There were 4 kinds of curry on the menu and they change every month. Customers can choose how many kinds of curry they want. I chose chicken keema and coconut curry. You can choose between brown rice and turmeric rice.

Addicted to the curry!?

The curry was not so hot. There was burdock in it and the taste was quite unique. The curry came with a pot of curry soup. The customer can add it to the curry rice to enhance the flavor. I poured the curry soup into the curry and I felt it tasted even better. I ordered a cup of hot chai, too.
I enjoyed the plate and chai very much.

Some customers say, “I became addicted to the curry”.
Yes! Me too! I want to try the new menu next month.

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#821 “Anne of Green Gables” & “AnnE with an E”

TV anime “Anne of Green Gables”

I like the story “Anne of Green Gables”. The author is L. M. Montgomery. This novel is very popular in Japan and in the world.
I learned about it through the TV anime when I was an elementary school student. I loved the show.

Netflix “AnnE with an E”

Now I’m into “Netflix”, because I can watch the “Anne of Green Gables” anime that I used to watched and the new drama series “AnnE with an E” that Netflix made.
The drama series “AnnE with an E” is splendid for the script based on the novel and the actors’ performance.
I cried at every stories when I watched the show, even though I knew the story. I’ve already finished season 2. Season 3 will be coming soon in 2019. I can’t wait for it!

I’d like to read the 12-book series novel

Although the novel “Anne of Green Gables” was written 111 years ago, the story does’t feel old. I can sympathize with the characters in the story.
I’d like to read the 12-book series novel some day.

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#822 Finally UNESCO approved to recognize the burial mounds in Osaka as world heritage sites!

Finally UNESCO approved to recognize the burial mounds in Osaka as world heritage sites!

There are in total 49 buried mounds in Osaka. The most famous and the biggest one is called “Nintoku Tenno-ryo” in Sakai city.
The local authorities first submitted the application in 2007, so it took them 12 years to be put on the World Cultural Heritage list!

In TV news, I saw some people got together and celebrated. The reporter asked a woman in Osaka.
“So your long time dream has finally come true. How long did you support it?”
She said, “Yes! 1600 years!”
Isn’t she funny? I like her joke. It feels like everyone in Osaka has a great sense of humor!

It will bring huge economic effect to Osaka

According the newspaper, the World Heritage Site designation will bring huge economic effect to Osaka and Sakai city. They estimated about 915 million dollars (1005 okuyen) for Osaka, and 310 million dollars (340 okuyen) for Sakai city.

Since I live in Sakai city, I’m very happy and excited. On one hand, I hope that the designation can bring more people to this beautiful city, but on the other hand, I am also a little bit worried that the tourists may bring too much noise to the quiet neighborhood.

To attract more people

↑A place of worship, we can’t go any further.

To be honest, all you can see at ground level is just lots and lots of trees right now. Because the burial mounds are restricted areas, tourists can only walk up to the entrance, which is quite disappointing. If the local government really wants to attract more people to look at the burial mounds, I think they should build a tall tower nearby, so that people can go up and see the stunning view.
I think someone actually did a calculation and said that it would need a 300m tower, which is as tall as the Tokyo Tower. I am not really sure if that is going to be possible in Sakai city.

In the meantime, it may be more interesting to go to Nara and grab a “Kofun cake” to enjoy.↓

↑”Kofun cake” picture from the link “Petit Marche

Small joy!!(2019.5.23)

↓Here is my previous post about the Sakai’s famous historical attractions.

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#823 “Heisei-kun Sayonara”

From Heisei to Reiwa

The new era “Reiwa” will begin on May 1. The current “Heisei” era which began in 1989 will end on April 30.

I read the book “Heisei-kun Sayonara” (Good bye Heisei-kun) which was nominated for Akutagawa Prize. The book tells the life story of Heisei-kun. Heisei-kun was born in 1989 when Heisei era began. Although he is only 29 years old he decided to end his life by euthanasia when the Heisei era ends.
Will he really die? Why does he want to die? What is euthanasia?

I was fascinated by the story.

One of the interesting parts of the book is that it uses a lot of real names, such as famous people, places and brands. Sometimes it makes me wonder whether I am reading a fiction or non-fiction.

It is a good time to read this book, isn’t it?

After reading the book, I checked about euthanasia. Euthanasia is not legal in Japan. Will it be legalized in the future?
This story was not only about Heisei era but even into the future.

It is a good time to read this book while we are transitioning from Heisei to Reiwa, isn’t it?

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