#839 Amazing supplement for beauty.

A wonderful supplement

Today I’d like to share a wonderful supplement to you. It is called “PROLINE X1” which helps to improve the health and beauty.
I have tried taking it and it makes my skin looks younger than before. I usually take it before going to bed because it recommended. Each time after I take it, the next morning I feel I have a moist, smooth and firm skin. I’m sure that my face become healthier and no side effect. It’s like magic!


The supplement is powder kind that contained proline 1300 mg which is one of the amino acid. It comes in a box package with 31 packs for 12,500 yen. Since the price is expensive for me, I only take it when I’m so tired and my facial skin is sagging.

You will like it!

Trust me! You will like it!
This product is medical organization exclusive merchandise, if you are interested in it, you can only purchase it at some certain medical agencies.
Here is the link.↓

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#840 Bohemian Rhapsody

“Bohemian Rhapsody”

I watched the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” on Nov. 9. That day was the first-run day. The movie is about the biography of the rock band named “Queen” in England.
There’s a vocalist called Freddie Mercury in Queen who I became fond of more than before. This movie depicts his splendid talents and his sensitive mind.
In the movie, the 4 actors acted so real like the original members of Queen. That is one of the exciting moments to watch this movie.

I felt as if I were in the ”LIVE AID” in 1985.

During the movie, I could listen to their brilliant songs by a sound effect that the movie played at the theater. Especially at the last 20 mins, I was very moved. I couldn’t stop crying to see their performance in the movie.

I really recommend this movie. I would suggest you to choose a bigger screen when you go to see it, so you will be able to enjoy their exciting live performance.

The interesting thing was I saw people dressed up themselves as Freddie Mercury in the theater.

After watching the movie I don’t know why the song “We are the champions” always stuck in my mind.

Freddie passed away when he was 45 in 1991.
Today, November 24th is the anniversary of Freddie’s death.

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#841 My struggling days ~20cm of my hair was gone~

I’m struggling with my natural curly hair.

After I had about 20cm hair cut from last month, now, I’m struggling with my natural curly hair with a lot of volume every day. I can’t tie up my hair anymore.

Kids are always very honest.

On the first day after the hair cut when I had a lesson for the 6th grade children at the cram school, there’s a girl who looked at me and said “It’s an accident.” I didn’t really get what she meant by that but I think she meant sorry.
Next lesson of the 5th grade children, I asked them “What do you think of my new hair style? Who likes my previous hair style?, raise your hand”.
Kids are always very honest. I found out there were 80% of them raised their hands.

I accept my hair style.

I know my hair style doesn’t look good. I accept it.
I feel disappointed when I see my face in the mirror, because I’m not stylish at all.
I’m trying to play around with my hair every day by using hair pins, hair wax, hair gel or etc.

Now, I know how to fix my hair style to look better. And I get used to it already.

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#842 A letter from the president

A letter from the president

One day I got an express letter from the president of my husband’s company.
The letter said that my husband has worked for the company for 30 years and he was commended for his long service with the company.
Thank you for your support to your husband for a long time. Then he was given a congratulatory bonus and 5 extra days of vacation for a year.

Why the president sends families such letters

I was very surprised to get the letter form the president. I was wondering why the president sent me such a letter.
Maybe some husbands are too shy to tell their families about the honors. Or the letter is used to tell the wives about this extra money and vacation days, so that the husbands cannot hide them from the wives.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Anyway I want to express my gratitude to the president, and especially to my husband.
“Work harder! And take good care of yourself!”
by oniyome

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#843 Old day’s custom has returned!


By a strange coincidence I’ve started to keep “Okigusuri”. Okigusuri is a medicine box where it kept the prepared medicine.
One day, a salesman came to my house and left this box.
I didn’t expect to get the box at all.

The reasons why I accepted it are the following.

  • The salesman was talkative. He talked to me more than 30 mins. Even though I didn’t ask him anything, he talked about his previous job and the reason why he quit. He was somehow a funny man.
  • The box has a lovely design of “Miffy”. That’s why I have decided to keep it.
  • The medicine box reminds me of my parents’ home when I stayed with my parents, we already had the medicine box. It brought me back the old memory.

It’s nice to see the miffy’s face

Once in 3 months, a sales person will come and check the medicine box.

I put the box on top of the shoe cupboard. It’s nice to see the miffy’s face every time when I come home. It makes me feel calm.

↑As this year is the company’s 140th year anniversary in business, I got a miffy mug cup and a 500 yen prepaid gift card.

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#844 I went to “familiar” in Kobe.

I went to “familiar” in Kobe. It is a clothes store for babies & children.
Since my younger brother and his wife had a baby this month, my husband and I wanted to buy a baby gift for them.

Familiar opened a new store at Kyu-kyoryuchi area last month.
When we got there, there were many customers. I was surprised that every items were quite expensive but it’s fun to look at them. We decided to buy a poncho style bath towel and a baby bottle.

Although I am not familiar with babies and children store, it was fun to see the world that I’m not used to.
We were satisfied with finding a gift for my brother’s baby boy who hasn’t had his name yet.

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#845 Do you know the coffee called “Geisha”?

I found a pack of coffee beans at Costco.

When I went to Costco I found a pack of coffee beans named “Geisha”. Surprisingly, the coffee company which produced the coffee packs was the company that I used to work long time ago. I looked at the coffee for old time’s sake. Although I was interested in it, I didn’t buy it because the price was quite expensive. A pack of coffee was 4458 yen.

Let me explain about “Geisha” coffee.

For Japanese, geisha means traditional and highly skilled entertainers. Actually I have seen a coffee package with geisha girls before. I was wondering if geisha coffee is related to Japan when I saw it back then.
This time I checked it on the internet.
Geisha coffee was discovered in Ethiopia in 1930. In 2004, this coffee was made famous in Panama. It won the best of Panama coffee auction.
The coffee has incredible floral, citrus and honey flavors. Now, it’s the highest per-pound price ever paid at the coffee auction.
Geisha’s name comes from “Gesha” region of Ethiopia. The point is that geisha is not the actual name. It is supposed to be “gesha”. So geisha coffee doesn’t have any connection with Japan and geisha girls.

Geisha or gesha!?

The other day, I found the article “Stop calling it Geisha already” on the internet. Some coffee experts say that we should call it gesha instead of geisha.
My question was answered after reading the article.

On a second thought, maybe I should have bought it, shouldn’t I?
Have you tried gesha coffee before? How was it?
Is coffee worth it?

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#846 The day when the Mega-typhoon came!

A mega-typhoon hit Kansai area on Sept. 4th.

In advance, most schools and companies in Osaka were closed on that day.
I also stayed at home. Around 1 pm heavy rain and strong wind began attacking my apartment. Around 1:30 pm, my house had a blockout. Then the sound of the wind was getting really strong. It felt like it was going to blow my apartment off.
I found water coming out under the windows. The floor and tatami mat were wet. What!? My house is on the 7th floor. It was the rain that came in through the spaces in the windows. I wiped the floors in each room with many towels.
2 hours later, after the blackout, the storm went away. I was so scared while the storm was attacking my house. The night, I slept alone, because my husband went on a business trip.

Sept. 5th

Next morning, the water supply failed. Fortunately, I had many bottles of water in my house. I just worried about the fridge because of the blackout. I was also anxious about my smartphone’s battery.
I went out to checkout our shopping district. Most stores were opened. Things looked normal, except for one broken traffic light in my neighborhood. I went to a Docomo shop and charged the battery of my smartphone. Then I bought some dry cells for my flashlight at Daiso, 100 yen shop. Some people bought dry cells, too.
The night, my husband came back home. It was still blackout and no water.

Sept. 6th

In the morning at around 9:30 am, the TV suddenly turned on.
Power was back! At the same time, water supply was back, too!
The first thing I did was doing the laundry and washing dishes. I checked the fridge, it looked fine. Just having the TV on made me relax.
When there was no power, I didn’t want to do anything. I was just waiting for the time to pass. But once the power was back, I really wanted to do something.
I was revived!
There is nothing like the ordinary life.

Lesson I learned

The things that I learned this time.

  1. There is no water during blackout. Because some buildings use electric pumps.
  2. Fill the bathtub with water in advance before typhoon.
    Since I couldn’t flush the toilet, I used the bathtub water to flush. It was good enough to flush the toilet paper.
  3. Fully charge your smartphone before typhoon!

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#847 Meeting an old friend at “Koshien” 〜I watched “Kanao” live at the semi-final 〜

I went to “Koshien” on August 20th.

“Koshien” is a baseball stadium in West Japan, and every year it holds the National High School Baseball Championship. Watching the championship is one of the most popular traditions in summer in Japan.
This year is the 100th anniversary of the championship.
I was at the stadium watching the semi-final game.
And I went with my friend who I have not seen for 25 years!

My friend and her son came to see “Koshien” from Seattle.

Her son is 16 years old and a member of baseball team in high school in Seattle.
When we were watching the baseball game, we talked a lot about what happened in the last 25 years.

We were lucky enough to get some good seats under the roof. If we were not under the roof, I am sure that we would get some horrible sunburn.

My friend said that Japanese boys always run to their positions but American boys don’t run like that. They are more relaxed during the game. I guess it is just the difference in both cultures.

I will remember this day every summer.

We watched the two semi-final games.
“Kanaashi Nogyo”, which is my favorite team, and “Osaka Toin” got to the final. They would play against each other the next day.

My friend’s son’s prediction was that “Osaka Toin” would win. He watched the 2 games very well and could figure out their differences. Actually Osaka Toin defeated Kanaashi, 13-2, in the final.

I had an amazing time with them.
I will not forget this 100th anniversary “Koshien” and I will remember this day every summer.

↑4 of my relatives graduated from “Kanano”

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#848 You wanna beat the heat this summer? Let’s watch some horror stories to get chilled!

What are you doing to cool off yourself this summer?

Thanks to the sizzling summer, I have been watching many mysterious and horror movies lately.
I have already seen a lot of dead bodies this summer.
Of course they were all in the movies.

“Twin Peaks”

I am a big fan of the TV show “Twin Peaks”. It is an American mysterious drama.
I have been waiting for months to rent its latest DVD release “TWIN PEAKS -a limited event series-“ at a rental shop in my neighborhood.
At last the time has come!
I rushed to the store and rented all 9 boxes of DVDs.
I watched all the episodes, 18 in total, in just one week.

I don’t recommend you to watch it, if you are not a fan.

Let me tell you first. I love it, but if you are not a fan of the original series, you probably won’t enjoy this as much as I do.
This is for the “Twin Peaks” die hard fans.
Watching each episode requires some patience, because the stories are quite slow. There were many puzzles but not all of them make sense.

I had fun seeing many old faces for the first time in 25 years.

Even after watching them all, I still had some questions in my mind.
That is the best part of “Twin Peaks”! I enjoy this feeling but I think some people may find this unsatisfying.
Although the show was mysterious, complicated, creepy and gross, it also has a dark sense of humor that made me laugh.
I had fun seeing many old faces for the first time in 25 years.

Let’s watch some horror stories to get chilled!

So, this is my way to forget about the heat and enjoy some mysterious and horror movies in this hot summer.

How about you?
What are you doing to cool off yourself this summer?

Small joy!!(2018.7)

↓Here is my previous post about “Twin Peaks”↓

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