#800 “Kimetsu no Yaiba”(Demon Slayer)

I have watched “Kimetsu no Yaiba”(Demon Slayer) season 1 on Netflix for 3 days.

Recently I am staying at home because I’m worried about the coronavirus.
Then I have watched “Kimetsu no Yaiba”(Demon Slayer) season 1 on Netflix for 3 days. It is an anime based on a popular Japanese manga of the same name. The story is about a young boy named Tanjiro became an “oni”(demon) slayer after his family was slaughtered by an oni. His younger sister Nezuko was turned into an oni after attacked by an oni. It is a journey of revenge for their family and saving people from many onis as a demon slayer.

I’m interested in the kimonos of the characters.

The era is Taisho era. Taisho era is before Showa era, about 100 years ago.
I’m interested in the kimonos of the characters. Their clothes are mixed with kimonos and western style. The kimonos designs are so funky and vibrant. The color combination is also very unique.

Since the main character, Tanjiro is sincere, kind and strong. I think most audience would feel like supporting such a likeable character. Onis also have rather attractive and diverse personalities, with some sad stories of their own.

I like the beautiful scenery of the animation and background music. Although there are many cruel scenes, it doesn’t matter to me.

Everybody wants to read the rest of the story, right?

When I went to a bookstore to look for the comic books of “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, I saw many children and mothers were also looking for them. Too bad that most of them were sold out at my bookstore. Fortunately I was able to buy the first book in the series. In the future I will keep looking for the new books of this comic.

Small joy!!(2020.2.28)

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#801 How to prevent stinking socks. A great lesson from “GATTEN”.

How to wash stinking socks.

I watched the TV show “GATTEN” on Wednesday.
I learned that when you wash your socks, you should turn your socks inside out to make your socks last longer and smell better.

“Socks washed inside out” vs. “socks washed regularly”

In the experiment in the show, socks that were washed inside out had a lower odor level than socks washed regularly.
The show explained that socks are made of different materials on the inside and outside.
The inside is made of elastic chemical material to prevent the socks from slipping down, such that the socks can stay on the feet, while the outside is made of soft natural material.
The elastic material on the inside poses a problem. It entangles skin grease and dead skin cells easily, causing bad smells even after washing.
So you should wash your socks inside out to get rid of them.

Some people might worry that the outside of the socks may not get washed well if following this method.
Don’t worry! The stain on the outside of the socks is mostly common household grease. They can be got rid of easily by laundry detergent.

The inside out washed socks were cleaner, smelled better and longer lasting.

In a two-week experiment, they found that there was 3 times more the amount of protein stains on the regularly washed socks than the inside out washed socks. Of course the inside out washed socks were cleaner and smelled better.

Moreover, inside out washed socks are longer lasting and they don’t get lint balls and holes easily. In the show, socks were washed inside out and regularly for 100 times. They compared the socks with a new pair of socks. The inside out washed socks looked just like the new socks! On the other hand, the regularly washed socks were losing color and had some pilling.
You can also wash stockings and tights inside out in a laundry net.

What a great episode! I have learned some unique knowledge.
I think I will do this from now on!

Small joy!!(2020.2.21)

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#802 I sold a health care goods and a book in “mercari”.

Finally I sold my stuff in “mercari”

Finally I sold my stuff in “mercari” which is an online buy & sell service.
The memorial first ever sold item was a health care goods. It is hard to describe what it is. It is a cylindrical tube, not very heavy, about 16 cm tall. It is made of hard rubber. You can put it on the floor and put your leg on top of it to massage your calf or thigh. And also other parts of your body.

I bought it for about 2000 yen 6 months ago. When I used it, on my arm, it felt quite painful so I gave up using it.
I sold it on mercari for 1500 yen, but I had to pay for shipping for 700 yen and mercari charged 10 % commission, so I only got 650 yen back. Of course I am not making money. But I was not going to use it anyway. Leaving it at home will only take up space in my house. At least now I get some money back and I hope someone else can make good use of it.

I also sold a book.

The same evening, I also sold a book to another customer. It was a book about investment. I finished it so I don’t need it anymore. Well, if you asked me what it is about, I would tell you that I forgot most of it already. But the truth is that I don’t think I will ever pick it up and read again. So it is a good idea to sell it.

I am very happy that I was able to sell 2 items in such a short time. I want to sell more, so I made more postings but so far I haven’t got any reply. I better learn how to improve my selling technique.

Small joy!!

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#803 I am addicted to “mercari”

↑Merry Christmas! from Licca-chan

I started “mercari”

I started using “mercari” which is an online buy & sell service 2 months ago. I mainly used it to sell my stuff when I tidy up my house.
At first I decided to buy something using “mercari” so that I could learn how to pack goods when I am selling my things.
I bought two plates, one with an elephant design and another one with a zebra.

Barbie,Licca-chan,Monster High

The other day I bought a Barbie doll. The doll was 8000 yen. I really hesitated. I thought about it for 4, 5 days before finally making the purchase. The Barbie is gorgeous.

↑A gorgious Barbie

After Barbie, I bought Licca-chan which is a popular doll in Japan and Licca-chan’s clothes. Many seller sell Licca-chan’s hand-made clothes in “mercari”.
I have found that I like playing dress-up dolls even though I am an adult.

One day I found a series of dolls called “Monster High Dolls” in mercari. The dolls belong to an American fashion doll series created by Mattel. I like the doll’s figure and clothes. I bought 6 “Mon-high” dolls.

↑Monster High Dolls

I am addicted to “mercari”

Now I am addicted to “mercari”, though I haven’t even started selling anything yet! My original goal was to get rid of things, but now it seems like I am getting more stuff! It is totally against my will!
By the way, as I started to use “mercari”, I realized that I’m just not good at packing stuff. It is too much hassle to pick the right box for the item and getting the bubble wrap and all that.
But I will try to sell my things since I learned how to pack goods from many sellers.

Small joy!!(2019.12.24)

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#804 “Hanaragu manju” and Japanese “manju” communication

“Hanaragu manju” in Hanazono

Today I’d like to introduce the “Hanaragu manju” to you.
It is a sweet bean confectionary made by a pastry shop “KINUYA” near the Hanazono rugby stadium. Since the shape of the confectionary looks like a rugby ball. It is popular as a souvenir for rugby fans. Their homepage says that the inside is green peas paste which is inspired by the green grass in rugby field.

↑The shape is a rugby ball.

↑The inside is green peas paste which is inspired by the green grass in rugby field.

I bought a 3-piece package(360 yen, tax not included), when I went to see the game Kintetsu Liners vs Toyota industries corporation shuttles on Nov. 24th. (the game’s result was 33-22)
The day was Thompson Luke’s last game in his home ground “Hanazono”. He was a member of the Japan national rugby union team. He is a very popular player.

“Manju” is one of the Japanese communications

Now let’s go back to the “manju.”
For those who have lived in Japan for a long time, you would know that most “manju” taste the same. This one is no exception. Although it does have a cute appearance, the taste is quite ordinary.
I think when people buy this souvenir, they are not going after the taste. It is the look that attracts the customers. If you know anyone who is a rugby fan, this souvenir would be a perfect gift.

When Japanese buys “manju” as souvenir, they are usually not looking for the taste. Instead, they are telling the receiver that we thought of you during the trip. This is the unique Japanese “manju communication”.

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My first time seeing an opera in kimono ~ the “Teatro Verdi Trieste”(椿姫) ~

Have you been to an Opera?

I went to see the “Teatro Verdi Trieste”(椿姫) opera at the Osaka festival hall with my friend last Saturday.
This is my first time seeing an opera.

My friend and I promised each other to wear kimono to the opera.
She showed up with an orange kimono. She was very beautiful. I wore a blue kimono and black kimono belt with bats design embroidery. I saw some other people were also wearing kimono.

Italian songs and Japanese translation

Although our seats were on the 3rd floor, we were at the front row. So I could see the orchestra pit and the stage very well.
The opera was Italian, but we could see Japanese translation on the side of the stage. Since I don’t speak Italian, the translation really helped me a lot to understand the story. Actually it was a bit busy to read the translation and watch the play at the same time.

The performance of the casts was stunning! The main cast, Marina Rebeka as Violetta, sang amazingly even when she was lying on the ground. I was overwhelmed by her breathtaking performance.

The total time was almost 3 hours

The time allocation of the opera was quite interesting. Act one was 30 mins, Act two was 65 mins, Act three was 30 mins. There were 20 mins breaks in between each Act. So the total time was almost 3 hours.
It didn’t feel that long at all. I really enjoyed this opera. I want to see another one again soon if I have the chance.

After the opera, we were a bit hungry so we went to a stand-up sushi bar. You see, we are two ladies, dressed in kimono, eating at a sushi bar after watching an opera. It is pretty stylish and cool, right!?

Small joy!!(2019.11.9)

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#806 Let’s watch the Rugby World Cup game at a British pub

I went to a British pub to watch the Rugby World Cup game

I went to a British pub “HUB” in Kyoto with my friend to watch the Rugby World Cup game. The game was the semi final, England vs New Zealand.
Even though the game started at 5 pm, we got to the pub at 4 pm to grab our seats. There were already many customers at the pub, most of them were foreigners. Luckily we got one of the last few empty tables.
Some customers were wearing black t-shirts, of course they were All blacks fans. White t-shirts fans were England supporters. They were already drinking beer and wine.
One hour before the game, my friend and I had some fish & chips, pizza, Doritos and drinks.
It was exciting to wait for the start of the game.

When the TV started playing England’s national anthem, some customers stood up and sang it loudly together. On the other hand, nobody sang when the New Zealand anthem played on TV. Maybe Kiwi are shy people.

England beat New Zealand

In the first half, England dominated the game with 10-0. I heard England supporters shouted many times.

There were so crowded in the pub and many foreign supporters who couldn’t get tables were watching TV through the large window from outside.

In the second half, right before the All Blacks tried, suddenly the TV screen went off for a few seconds. Everyone shouted and booed. Nobody could watch the All Blacks first try.

In the end, England beat New Zealand, 19-7. New Zealand missed the historic chance to win the World Cup 3 times in a row.

I was surprised that New Zealand lost.

↑Kyoto Tower

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#807 Rugby World Cup at Hanazono rugby stadium ~ USA vs TGA ~

The day before the game, Japan was hit by Typhoon

Finally I went to see the Rugby World Cup game at Hanazono rugby stadium in Higashiosaka on Oct. 13th.
The game was USA vs TGA. One the day before the game, Japan was hit by Typhoon Hagibis. I worried that the game may get canceled due to the typhoon. Actually two other games were canceled because of the typhoon on Oct. 12th. This is the first time ever Rugby World Cup have been canceled.

Tonga beat USA

The game started with a moment of silence to show respect to everyone who had been affected by the typhoon.

In the first half the score was USA 12 – Tonga 7.
Tonga bounced back in the second half to get their first win at RWC 2019 and fourth spot in Pool C.
The most memorable scene for me was when Tonga player Hingano tried in the second half. He jumped into the in-goal like a flying fish. It happened in front of me so I could see it very clearly.
USA couldn’t maintain their form in the second half and Tonga beat USA with a final score of 31 – 19.
Both teams are going home. Although, they can’t go to the quarter finals, it was a very evenly matched game.

I enjoyed the RWC and hope it will go smoothly.

I cheered loudly and enjoyed the match.
Watching the games really gave me lots of excitement and energy.
A lot of the foreign fans were dressing up. One dressed as Elvis Presley. It was fun to see such fans, too.

I hope the rest of the RWC will go smoothly and not affected by another typhoon.
There are many great teams left in the tournament so only time will tell who the world champion is.

Small joy!!(2019.10.18)

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#808 Haniwa fever ~ from puddings to “Haniwa bu-cho”

Haniwa doll figure pudding cup

Yesterday I bought a pudding at a limited event at a department store.
The design of the pudding cup was a haniwa doll figure. Since it was a pottery, I decided to keep it after I finished the pudding, so that I could use it as a cup. It was not very big. The height was around the length of my index finger. It was very unique.

The burial mounds in Sakai was designated as a World Heritage site this year.

This year, the burial mounds (Kofun) in Sakai city was designated as a World Heritage site. Thanks to this honor, I can see a lot of related goods in the shops. For example sweets, stationery, clothes and books. Most of the goods have haniwa doll figure and tomb designs.

“Haniwa Bu-cho” (Chief Haniwa Officer)

When I was buying the pudding, I saw the business card of Chief Haniwa Officer at the cashier. Chief Haniwa Officer, short for CHO, is the official PR Yuru-chara for the burial mounds in Sakai. He is 1600 years old and is still single.

“He visited our shop and left his business card here,” the shop staff was very excited, “ I even took a picture with him!”

I didn’t know that he was recently promoted. Originally he was only a manager (Haniwa Ka-cho). Then on August 28(We can call the day “ha-ni-wa” in Japanese) this year, he was promoted to general manager (Haniwa Bu-cho).
I am not sure why he was promoted. Maybe he contributed a lot of his time to promote the burial mounds, which led to the recognition.
Good job!

Small joy!!(2019.10.4)

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#809 The aquarium “Umigatari” in Nigata ~ You can see a compete view of the Japan Sea

The aquarium “Umigatari”

I went to the aquarium “Umigatari” in Joetsu city, Nigata. This Japan sea facing aquarium was renovated just last year. It was a modern and cozy aquarium in the city.

The water tanks looked like they were joined to the ocean!

The “Sea of Japan” and the “dolphin stadium” were two of the most popular attractions. Both places were designed in such a clever way that in the water tanks looked like they were joined to the ocean. You can see a complete view of the Sea of Japan and the beautiful sky above it.

↑The “Sea of Japan”

↑the “dolphin stadium” Can you see a dolphin?

You can also see two beluga whales and many Magellanic penguins. They were so cute and very popular.

↑A beluga whale

↑many Magellanic penguins

↑Wearing beluga whale hat Magellanic penguins

A cute guide

This time, my 6 years old nephew-in-law showed me around in the aquarium. He has an annual passport.
I bought a penguin umbrella, which he wanted, for him. That was a token of my gratitude for his nice and cute guide.

Small joy!!(2019.9.15)

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