#964 I met someone whom I wanted to meet

I fell in love with it!

The painting was in a beauty salon where I have a hair cut in my town every month. At the moment I saw the painting, I immediately fell in love with it.
The painting was the face of a bear in blue. The color was dark and cool but the bear’s face was gentle. The contrast attracted me.
Then, I asked the hair salon owner “Who painted the picture?”
He answered one of his customers who lives near the salon. I wondered if the person could teach me painting.

One day, the picture was gone, because it was sold. I felt very sad. Then, I decided to meet the painter.

I met someone whom I wanted to meet

We met at a Starbucks, the only one in our town. It was the first time I met her so I was quite excited. She was a nice person, exactly like I imagined. I knew that that blue bear picture was painted with acrylic. We talked a lot.
Fortunately, she said that she can teach me painting, though she has never taught anyone. I’m going to learn painting.

I should have taken a picture of that blue bear picture before it was gone. Wait, I could be painting a blue bear picture by myself with her help.

Small Joy!!!(2015.12.15)

I imitated her picture “a bear in blue.” She taught me how to paint.(2015.12.29)

*The painter who teach me is nanaki jun.

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#969 Temporary minimalist

I feel my mind is clear

The temporary move, as it only lasts for just two weeks, I have opened a few cardboard boxes to use tools in daily life.

Now, I’m very satisfied with living to a minimum. I use some plates for food, take out and wear a few pieces of clothes and read a few books. I feel freer than before when I was surrounded by many things. Moreover, I feel that my mind is clear.

Should I become a “minimalist”?

The word “minimalist” is getting popular.
Should I become a “minimalist”?
No, I don’t think so, and I can’t be a minimalist. Actually, I don’t like minimalism much, because it is dull and insipid. It lacks the fun factor in life.
But from now on, being a semi-minimalist is good enough for me.

(This picture is not my house, just image.w)

Small joy!!(2015.11.19)

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#973 THE ART of BVLGARI 〜breathtakingly fabulous jewelries〜


BVLGARI is an Italian jeweler brand

I went to “THE ART of BVLGARI  130 YEARS OF ITALIAN MASTERPIECES” at Tokyo National Museum inside Ueno Park. BVLGARI is an Italian world class high jeweler brand with over 130 years of history.

All the jewelries at the exhibition breathtakingly fabulous. The jewelries were so glittering, that I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Elizabeth Taylor and BVLGARI’s jewelries

Many movie stars wore BVLGARI’s jewelries in movies, parties, shows and in private. Especially, the world-renowned actress, Elizabeth Taylor. She had a deep relation ship with BVLGARI. Richard Burton, an actor and Taylor’s husband gave her an engagement ring with emerald and diamonds. Nevertheless she parted with the ring afterwords. I was wondering why she sold the engagement ring. She wrote a postscript to the new owner “Wear it with love!” on its certificate. I examined the certificate in details at the exhibition. I found that she sold the engagement ring to raise funds for AIDS foundation. If you were Elizabeth Taylor, can you give away your engagement ring?

Divine beauty and gorgeous jewel

It’s a timeless tradition for beautiful women to receive luxurious jewelries from men. Simply stated, gorgeous jewel suits divine beauty.
Small joy!(2015.10.21)


Elizabeth Taylor’s 40 years old birthday present from Richard Burton. A long necklace, with 65-carat sapphires and diamonds.


The Great Terracotta Army of China’s First Emperor is coming on October 27, at Tokyo National Museum.

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