#977 Luwak Coffee is made from civet’s …


luwak coffee

Do you know about that coffee?

One morning there was no coffee in the kitchen. I walked around my house to find some coffee. Then, I found some coffee packages. They were “Luwak Coffee” which I bought in Indonesia.

Luwak Coffee is made from civet’s poop!

Luwak is Indonesian and it means an animal and looks like a cat. Luwak Coffee is made from civet’s poop!! As it has a peculiar aroma and is scarce, it is highly priced. If you have a cup of civet coffee at a cafe, it costs a few thousand yen.

It is used for CHANEL No.5

Civet’s aroma is also used for a famous perfume, CHANEL No.5.

A peculiar aroma and good taste

I drunk a cup of the coffee. The taste was sour and not sweet, with a combination of other kinds of flavor that I can not describe. I like the aroma and it’s good taste. The aroma and taste of the Luwak coffee woke me up and refreshed me in that morning.

Small Joy!!(2015.9.19)

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#978 I caught a cold.


I caught a cold. Maybe it was due to the weather changing. Autumn is coming so its getting cooler.

How to take care 〜Filipino way〜

I am studying English by using Skype with Filipino teachers. I told them I was sick. All of 5 teachers said “Drink a lot of water”. And all of the them don’t like to take medicine. They prefer just pure water than medicine. Because they believe drinking a lot of water and getting rid of the running nose it’s good for the body. I tried to drink a lot of water, but I couldn’t. I just could’t drink a lot of water.

How to take care 〜Japanese way〜

Now, after a week, I recovered. I took the medicine which I bought at Matsukiyo drug store instead of drinking a lot of water. Maybe it is the Japanese way, isn’t it!?

Small Joy!(2015.9.11)

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#979 「食べログ訴訟」と隠れ家バー











Small Joy!(2015.9)

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#980 Omu-rice in Nakanoshima 〜lunch at AWAKE〜


I had lunch at NAKANOSHIMA SOCIAL EAT AWAKE. This restaurant, in the Osaka Cent. Public Hall, is located at Nakanoshima. This restaurant was renewed on June 11th. It used to be a more casual restaurant.(Nakonoshima Club)

The omu-rice was very famous.

Let me talk about the previous restaurant, Nakanoshima Club. I had lunch there a few times before when I used to be an office worker of a law firm. The omu-rice was very famous. I was a fan of the omu-rice. It was more simple, familiar and old style. The price was reasonable.

It has changed from before.

The new restaurant’s interior is modern and totally changed from before. I liked it better before. The customers were few, some homemakers, regular people and perhaps a lawyer.
The omu-rice with beef is 1250 yen, plus 200 yen for a cup of coffee. I think Osaka citizens prefer the previous restaurant.
Add information, you can eat that famous omu-rice(old taste) at youshoku-club EN in the Osaka Bengoshi-kaikan, if you want. They take over the Nakanoshima club’s recipe.

Anyway, the new restaurant’s good point was I could relax there for more than 2 hours, with good music.

Small Joy!(2015.8.31)

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#981 “Are you able to trade?”


At night, I checked my FX trading on my pc. There was a message that said “There is no trading”. I thought it was a maintenance message from the e-trading company. Then, I went to bed with some anxiousness.

I lost money.

The next morning, my friend texted me “Are you able to trade?”
At last, I realized what had happened to me.

I lost money. All my money has gone!!

I’ve just started FX trading since last month. It’s the first time for me that I had a loss.
Last week, the world economy plunged. Some of my friends lost money, too.

That’s life.

I learned that I need to study more about investment. I think this situation will make me stronger.

Small Joy!(2015.8)

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