#972 Strawberries in the pretty pottery jar


Strawberry fruit syrup in the Pretty pottery jar

I was cleaning in the kitchen and I found a beautiful pottery jar that has some strawberry fruit syrup in it. It was made in Italy. I bought it in an Italian festival at a department store a few years ago. I was more interested in the pretty pottery jar with strawberries picture rather than the actual taste of the syrup.

I am really a “binbou-kusai” person.

As much as a frugal for like myself, I never opened it. I wanted to save it some special occasions. Unfortunately, now I realized that it expired just this September. In this case, do you throw it away?
I didn’t. I opened it and tasted the strawberries. It was good!
I sometimes forget the expiry date and have to throw things away. I reflect on myself every time. I am really a “binbou-kusai” person.


Small Joy!(2015.10.30)


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#973 THE ART of BVLGARI 〜breathtakingly fabulous jewelries〜


BVLGARI is an Italian jeweler brand

I went to “THE ART of BVLGARI  130 YEARS OF ITALIAN MASTERPIECES” at Tokyo National Museum inside Ueno Park. BVLGARI is an Italian world class high jeweler brand with over 130 years of history.

All the jewelries at the exhibition breathtakingly fabulous. The jewelries were so glittering, that I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Elizabeth Taylor and BVLGARI’s jewelries

Many movie stars wore BVLGARI’s jewelries in movies, parties, shows and in private. Especially, the world-renowned actress, Elizabeth Taylor. She had a deep relation ship with BVLGARI. Richard Burton, an actor and Taylor’s husband gave her an engagement ring with emerald and diamonds. Nevertheless she parted with the ring afterwords. I was wondering why she sold the engagement ring. She wrote a postscript to the new owner “Wear it with love!” on its certificate. I examined the certificate in details at the exhibition. I found that she sold the engagement ring to raise funds for AIDS foundation. If you were Elizabeth Taylor, can you give away your engagement ring?

Divine beauty and gorgeous jewel

It’s a timeless tradition for beautiful women to receive luxurious jewelries from men. Simply stated, gorgeous jewel suits divine beauty.
Small joy!(2015.10.21)


Elizabeth Taylor’s 40 years old birthday present from Richard Burton. A long necklace, with 65-carat sapphires and diamonds.


The Great Terracotta Army of China’s First Emperor is coming on October 27, at Tokyo National Museum.

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#974 A friend who is a 77 years old woman

I have a friend who is a 77 years old woman. We study English together once a week. She is very clever, knowledgeable and full of curiosity. Moreover, she likes English, politics and singing. So she knows everything, I ask her everything when I have a question.
Although there is a large age gap between us, I have fun talking with her.
When we meet, we have English words quizzes. She always scores better than I do. I want to beat her in English quizzes someday.
We are good friends, aren’t we?
However, she doesn’t know this blog due to not having her online system.
Small joy(2015.10.14)!!

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#975 マジック・マイクXXL 〜地上最高の男たち!?〜




え、うそ!?何?何?何で? ←(パニック気味の私の頭の中)







Small Joy♪(2015.10)

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#976 THE GALAXY EXPRESS 999 〜misunderstood about her〜


I had misunderstood about Maetel

I watched a movie online. It is called “GALAXY EXPRESS 999.” I liked this animation series very much, and especially the mysterious woman, Maetel.
After watching this movie, I made a very interesting discovery, I found I had misunderstood about Maetel.

She is not a human

She is an android which a replica of Tetsuro’s mother. She doesn’t tell anything important to Tetsuro. She is very old because she changed her body many times when her appearance gets old. She is a kidnapper. She took many boys to her own planet to turn them into machine parts. Moreover her goal was to destroy her own planet, but she couldn’t do it by herself. She doesn’t want to take responsibility. She can’t take any risk. She doesn’t do anything when others need help.

As she wanted to go to pluto to take back her body, she left Tetsuro with a farewell kiss. But she didn’t take back her own body in the end. I have no idea about it.

She is a very mysterious woman. That is the most attractive point of her.

My favorite GODIEGO’s song!

The ending song is GODIEGO’s “THE GALAXY EXPRESS 999.”
This movie took me back to my childhood memory.

Small Joy!


This train, Semboku Rapid Railway Train, was designed by Leiji Matsumoto.

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