#969 Temporary minimalist

I feel my mind is clear

The temporary move, as it only lasts for just two weeks, I have opened a few cardboard boxes to use tools in daily life.

Now, I’m very satisfied with living to a minimum. I use some plates for food, take out and wear a few pieces of clothes and read a few books. I feel freer than before when I was surrounded by many things. Moreover, I feel that my mind is clear.

Should I become a “minimalist”?

The word “minimalist” is getting popular.
Should I become a “minimalist”?
No, I don’t think so, and I can’t be a minimalist. Actually, I don’t like minimalism much, because it is dull and insipid. It lacks the fun factor in life.
But from now on, being a semi-minimalist is good enough for me.

(This picture is not my house, just image.w)

Small joy!!(2015.11.19)

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#970 Persian carpet magic

The house was bleak and cold

The first evening when I moved into a temporary house, I was very tired. The house was bleak and little bit cold, surrounded by cardboard boxes. I couldn’t feel relaxed. I laid some Persian carpets on the floor.

Persian carpets magic

Incredibly, at the moment, the monotonous room was transformed into a cheerful and warm, as if a spell was casted on it. These Persian carpets made the room familiar to me.

My husband sat on the carpet as usual in front of the TV. He looked relaxed. I asked him “Hey! don’t you think it is the Persian carpets magic!?” He answered while watching TV “Yeah” with only half of his mind.

Maybe, men don’t know that kind of sensitive things.

Small joy!!(2015.11.8)

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#971 Moving is moving my feeling


I moved into another house for just two weeks because of my house’s construction. During the last month, I packed all my stuff in cardboard boxes. It was a tough task for me as I have many things.

Then, I recognized how much I have. I have so many things, especially, books. There are 11 boxes for books. I was disappointed to myself that I was keeping such enormous amount of books.

Finally I decided to throw a half of them away. It’s hard to move from one house to another. It’s like a big event. However, it was a good opportunity to be able to look back at what I have had.

I still have 11 boxes of books. But I’m sure I’ll do it when I go back to my house after the construction.

Small joy!(2015.11)

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