#933 Phonics〜Read out chants〜



Phonics is one of methods on how to pronounce and listen to English words.
When I was a junior high school student, I didn’t learn phonics at school.
Now, I’m learning phonics with elementary students at a cram school. Actually I’m an observer before becoming a teacher.

Read out chants

In the cram school, the kids practice English by singing phonics chants.
It is a splendid scene when 20 students chant together and you can feel the room is filled with energy. Meanwhile I was moved a little bit while watching the scene, I was wondering if I can chant so quickly like the small kids, especially since I will be a teacher.

Small Joy!!(2016.6.14)

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#934 I’m addicting to “The White Devil”


I love Haagen Dazs ice cream.

I know it is not good for my health to eat them almost everyday. I can feel that I’m getting an “ice cream belly.” But I can’t stop eating them.

A bargain day at a nearby supermarket

My blissful time is eating Haagen Dazs ice cream in the Summer.
Although it is not even July yet, recently I think I’m becoming addicted to it. Because I’ve found a bargain day of Haagen Dazs at a nearby supermarket every month. The Haagen Dazs is 30% cheaper than usual on a bargain day. Then, I bought a lot of them today. My favorite taste is “Macadamia nut.”

I’m looking forward to the new taste “New York cheese cake with rum raisin” which will come out on June 28th.

Small Joy!(2016.6.23)

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#935 A new world


I haven’t talked with elementary school students for a long time.

I will start to teach English at a cram school, for 5th grade and 6th grade students next month.
I’m taking part in the English class as an observer and learning how to teach.

It’s totally a new world!

It is so challenging for me to have a relationship with elementary students. It’s totally a new world. I am not used to be approached by small kids, as all the people that I am hanging out with are adults.
It may sound odd, but at first I was a bit startled when someone called me but I couldn’t see the person in my sight. I had to look down to find out who was standing in front of me.

They are very capricious and impatient.
Although I found it tough to teach them, it’s always exciting to have a new experience.

Small Joy!!(2016.6.7)

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#936 White canvas


I bought a white canvas for the first time.

I measured its size. It was 652mm x 530mm.
It is a little bit challenging for me to draw a picture on the white canvas, because I’ve never drawn a picture on a canvas before. I don’t know how long it takes to finish drawing.

What should I draw on this white canvas?

What would you like to draw on your canvas if you are standing in front of a white canvas?
Yes. It is exciting and a little nervous, isn’t it?
Just imagine your own world on a white canvas!

Small Joy!!(2016.6)

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#937 Carbonated water improves blood flow


Do you know that carbonated water is good for health?

It is said that carbonated water improves blood flow. One day I found that I needed the bath room more than usual after I drank a glass of carbonated water. This means, in my case, my blood flow is getting better.

A sparkling water specialist

Therefore, I asked a sparkling water specialist, Monokuro san, on which brand of sparkling water would suit my taste. I don’t like sparkling water that is too strong or has too much bubbles in it. He answered quickly “S.PELLEGRINO”.
He knows everything and can give me an answer very quickly on whatever question I ask. He is amazing.

S.PELLEGRINO suits my taste

Then, I ordered 24 bottles, 500 ml each. I like it! The taste is so good! And the bubbles are not so strong.
With this S.PELLEGRINO, I am sure I can survive this upcoming hot summer without any problem!

Small Joy!!(2016.6)

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#938 My wish to the Kannon-sama

↑Let’s go up the stairs to the Kannon-sama, Hasedera-temple

There are many shrines and temples to visit in Kansai area.

My parents and their friend K like visiting shrines and temples, especially the ones in Nara. They visit Nara once a year from Tokyo. Everytime they come, I join them and visit shrines and temples in Nara.
This time, we went to “Hasedera-temple”, “Tanzan Jinja-shrine” and “Shorinji-temple”.

My father visited “Hasedera-temple” for the first time, and was overwhelmed by the huge standing statue of eleven-faced Kannon. We touched the statue’s big feet.

“Venus de Milo” in Japan

Shorinji-temple” is an isolated temple which I’ve wanted to visit. It is also famous for its eleven-faced Kannon statue which has a beautiful figure, said to be comparable to “Venus de Milo”.
I thought this Kannon’s hands were very elegant and beautiful.

When we walked out of the entrance, we saw the ancient tomb which was said to be the ancient queen, Himiko’s tomb and the spiritual Miwayama-mountain. It was a blessing view.

How many more times can we visit together?

Everytime they come, they always say “This is probably our last time here”. Because they think they are too old to come back again. I am not so sure. Maybe yes, maybe no. Although, I don’t know how many more times we can visit Nara together in the future, I just want to go with them as long as they can walk. It’s really a great pleasure to visit Nara with them. I hope they will always be healthy and energetic forever.

Small Joy!!!(2016.5)

↑A monk is blowing a trumpet shell to tell the hour, Hasedera

↑Dry confectioneries and green tea in Hasedera

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