#930 Saved by Shaved ice!

↑The view from The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto

“PAUL SMITH” in Kyoto

I went to Kyoto to see an exhibition of “PAUL SMITH” with my friend on July 17th. It was so a muggy day.
When we got to the museum, there was a long line to get in and after entered into the museum of course there were many people. I was just surprised how popular PAUL SMITH was. Since there were too many people inside, we quickly glanced around the exhibits and took some pictures and bought a few clear files as souvenir for myself and left the museum.
I like PAUL SMITH’s clothes very much. I was disappointed that I couldn’t spend more time at the exhibition because of the crowd.

It was MUGGY in the Nanzenji-temple

Then we went to “Nanzenji-temple” by a taxi. We didn’t want to walk outside under this humid weather. Since Nanzenji-temple is a very famous place, there were many tourists. But some tourists looked like they were too tired to walk and just sat down under the big gate. The heat made everybody feel sluggish. I couldn’t think about anything and strolled around to find a cool place. We found the a place near by a river and just stood for a while quietly. Then we left the Nanzenji-temple.

↑Girls wearing yukata were taking pictures.

Saved by Shaved ice! I just couldn’t stand under the humid weather.

We wondered on the street with unsteady steps because of the humidity. We just needed a rest to cool our bodes down. Then, we jumped into a restaurant where we can eat shaved ice. We both ordered shaved ice with condensed milk. I felt I was getting better while I was eating it. Although it was just a simple milky taste, I felt it was the best food in the world. It gave me energy and save my life! This was the first time I had shaved ice this year.

Looking back at the day, all I can remember was how hot and muggy Kyoto was and the shaved ice was way better than “PAUL SMITH”.

Small Joy!!(2016.7)

↑Nanzenji-temple’s gate

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#931 A Indian lady left aromatic recipe


Aromatic recipe “PAYASAM”

I had an opportunity to meet a beautiful Indian lady who teaches Indian food. She has stayed in Japan for 2 months as a tourist.

She cooked chicken curry, yogurt salad and sweets named “PAYASAM” for 6 Japanese, including myself. I especially loved the “PAYASAM” which contained cardamom a kind of aromatic seed. PAYASAM’s basic ingredients are milk and coconuts milk with cardamon seeds, raisins, roasted vermicelli (thin pasta) and tapioca.


Introducing Indian culture by cooking

She is an Indian who lives in England. It seems that she sometimes likes to introduce Indian culture by cooking Indian food for people. She said there are many diverse cultures in India, so what she made was not typical Indian food. They were from family’s recipes. Since she comes from South of India, she likes sticky rice, but people from North of India don’t eat rice very much, they eat flour.
She taught us about Indian culture and food. She also talked about Brexit because she lives in London. We had a good time with yummy food and cultural talks.

Cardamon reminds me of her

That was 2 weeks ago, I still can’t forget that aromatic cardamon sweets. Therefore I made the “PAYASAM” twice. I missed the vermicelli too but I don’t know where I can buy it.
She will leave Japan soon. She left some good recipes for us.
Whenever I made the “PAYASAM” or smell the aroma of cardamon, it reminds me of her.

My “PAYASAM” recipe

  1. Heat black seeds form cardamon with butter in a pot
  2. Add milk and boil
  3. Add tapioca and stir (don’t burn it!)
  4. Add raisins and roasted vermicelli
  5. Stop the heat and add sugar and coconuts milk
  6. For garnish with roasted cashews

↑This is a roasted vermicelli. I don’t know where I can buy it.

Read more about “PAYASAM” recipe:

Semiya payasam or Vermicelli Payasam

Small Joy!!(2016.7.8)

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#932 Spanish frozen yogurt at “llaollao”


Natural frozen yogurt from Spain

I went to a frozen yogurt shop, named “llaollao”, on wednesday. The shop is the first franchise shop in Japan from this Spanish company. The location is in Umeda, Osaka.
There are 3 cup sizes and customers can choose toppings from a variety of seasonal fruits, sauces and cereals.
I ordered a small cup with caramelized sunflower seeds. Although, the appearance was plain, the taste was refreshing and very delicious. I ate all at once because it was so good and there was no chair in the shop. This tiny shop is actually a standing frozen yogurt bar.

I kept the green spoon.

Every frozen yogurt comes a long, green stylish spoon. After I finished mine, I kept the spoon with me. I couldn’t throw away such a cute spoon.

If this shop is successful, llaollao may open more shops in Japan. Maybe one of them will be at your town!

Small Joy!!(2016.6.29)

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