#914 Stollen for Christmas season


Stollen is a sweet for Christmas

I’m always look forward to getting a stollen in December every year. Stollen is a traditional German sweet for Christmas. Recently it is getting popular in Japan too.
The main ingredients are dried fruits, nuts, butter, flour and sugar. As it is quite sweet, I cannot finish it all in one time. I usually cut a thin slice and eat it little by little during Christmas. It is said that there is an ageing effect in the stollen. And I often found that its taste gets better near the end.

What is “Dresden stollen”?

The birthplace of the stollen is said to be from Dresden, Germany.
In order to maintain the traditional taste and quality, undercover agents are sent to check the taste of the stollen in each shop in Dresden.
Only those that pass the tasting test can be labeled as “Dresden stollen.”

My favorite stollen is my local bakery’s.

I buy a stollen every December. Although I have tasted many stollens from different shops, I think the ones from my local bakery is the best!

Small joy!!!(2016.12.9)

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#915 宇多田ヒカルと小学生



”Does Hikaru Utada sing songs?”と質問すると「誰それ?知らん〜」と言う子が多い。




次に、小学5年生男子の英語の授業があった。まだまだ子供の小学5年の男子達は”I have a apple〜♪”とか無邪気にやっている。(a apple じゃなくてan apple でしょ、教えたよね!?)


Small joy!!(2016.12)

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#916 “Dracula” lessons


“Dracula” lessons

I’m interested in Vampire recently, since I’ve watched a lot of vampire dramas this year.
And I’m going to this so-called “Dracula” course in Osaka. The teacher is a specialist on monster, fairy, mystery and sub culture. The classroom looks like a wonderland. There are many DVDs, CDs and big audio sets. We watch the Dracula movies and listen to nice music. Overall I think it is a unique experience that I think some of you will enjoy.

Dracula was alive and the novel

Dracula was alive in 1432-1476. He was a king in Romania. He was feared as a tyrant. After 400 years of his death, a novelist Bram Stoker wrote the famous novel “Dracula” which describes him as a vampire.
There is a Dracula castle in Romania. The teacher visited the castle. He taught us the secrets of the castle.

Do you like mysteries and urban legends?

Do you know that Dracula doesn’t show up in the mirrors?
It’s exciting to know things which I want to especially mysteries and urban legends.

Today is the last lesson of the three lessons in the course.
I wander what our teacher would tell us tonight.

Small joy!!

吸血鬼ドラキュラ (創元推理文庫)
ブラム ストーカー
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