#912 A STARBUCKS challenge when I tried to customize my first venti.

I got a free STARBUCKS voucher from my cousin.

There are some writings that read “Please choose a drink and size whatever you want”, ”You can customize the drink and if the drink’s total price higher than 926 yen, you pay the remainder.” “This ticket is valid until Jan. 31st.”

Hot Chocolatey Banana Cocoa with whipped cream

Then I went to STARBUCKS and ordered a cup of coffee to go. I wanted to order close to 926 yen because they wouldn’t give me the change.
Here was my order, Hot Chocolatey Banana Cocoa with whipped cream, venti size 540 yen + soy milk (50 yen) + 3 shots of espresso (150 yen) + decaf (50 yen) + Hazelnut flavor (50 yen) = 840 yen + tax = 907 yen. I lost the receipt. I’m not sure how much it was exactly. Maybe around 907 yen.
Unfortunately the cost didn’t reach 926 yen. But I enjoyed the process because I have never customized my drink like this.

It matched well in the cold winter morning.

The taste was not bad but I found it too sweet. Since I couldn’t finish such a large coffee in one day, I put it in the fridge and drunk it the next day.
Hot Chocolatey Banana Cocoa made me warm in the cold winter morning.

Small Joy!!!(2017.1)

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#913 A creative advertisement for tourists



When I went to toilet in Narita Airport, I found a small toilet paper holder set at each stall. It was cute and unique.
Actually it was not a toilet paper holder, it was a smartphone wiper holder.
The paper had cutting lines and writings that read “WELCOME TO JAPAN”, 1.WIPE 2.CONNECT 3.INSTALL.

An unique advertisement

This toilet paper holder was actually an advertisement for a phone company’s wifi service for visitors.
Isn’t it a cute and creative advertisement?
I took some pictures at a stall.
It reads “MAKE YOUR STAY IN JAPAN COMFORTABLE” BY docomo at the end of the paper.

A limited time in Narita Airport

A foreign young lady was wiping her smartphone with that paper.
I heard these toilet paper lookalike smartphone screen cleaning paper are available for a limited time in Narita Airport.

Small Joy!!(2017.1)



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