#909 “Penny-wise and pound-foolish.”

I don’t know why I bought 5 handbags recently.

All the bags were sold at less than 50% off the original prices. But I am reflecting on myself on these purchases. It’s called “penny-wise and pound-foolish.”

Actually I only use one of the five bags (blue one) sometimes. I have never used the other four at all since I bought them last month.

There were three reasons why I bought the bags.

1. They are light.
2. Longer than usual shoulder strap
3. They are not expensive.

There is only one bad thing in 4 of the bags and it is that there is no inner pocket in them. This means I can’t find my house key easily when I get home.

The most important thing

Well, I will enjoy carrying these bags depending on my mood.
And the most important thing is that my husband must not find out about these 5 bags.

↑3 of the bags are reversible and they are 1500 yen each.

↑Regretting for not having pockets inside the four bags, the 5th bag I bought came with 4 pockets!

Small Joy!!!(2016.2)

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#910 I forgot to get my flu shot and that’s why I am drinking chicken soup now

I went to a doctor.

I caught a cold 2 days ago. Since I didn’t get a flu shot, I was worried if I got a flu. Then, I went to a doctor yesterday morning. My fever was 36.9℃. I asked the doctor whether I got a flu or not. He said, “You don’t have a flu, because your temperature is low.” I was relieved to hear that. He gave me 4 days of medicine and told me to get plenty of rest and drink lots of water.

Am I really not having a flu?

But my physical condition got even worse after visiting the doctor. I felt cold and feverish. I had a sore throat and a running nose. Am I really not having a flu? I felt like I was almost dying.

Drink chicken soup when you got a cold

Then last night, I made a chicken soup. I heard that chicken soup is good for cold. I put green onion and a lot of ginger in it. It tasted very good and I felt that my body was getting warmer. I really recommend drinking chicken soup when you got a cold.
Here is a link “Will chicken soup really cure your cold?” from BBC that explains all the benefits of drinking chicken soup.

Last but not least

Chicken soup helped me feel better when I was suffering from the cold. Of course the medicine from the doctor was very important as well.

And last but not least, I should have gotten a flu shot before the flu season.

Take good care of yourself!(2016.2.10)

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#911 I hope kids will continue to enjoy studying English

The last day has come.

I’m teaching English for elementary school children, 5th grade and 6th grade at a cram school. That day was the last day when I taught them because they will graduate from those lessons.

I had to say good-bye!

The 6th grade children will go to junior high school this spring. I asked them “Will all students go to the same school?”, “Will you all stay in this cram school?” They answered “We will go separate junior high schools but we will be able to meet at this cram school.”
I said “It’s good for you all, but unfortunately I have to leave this school.”
They seemed a little sad but maybe it was just my hopeful thinking.

I hope kids will continue to enjoy studying English.

Actually, I was very sad to leave this school which is located in a sort of rural area and the students love learning and have childlike charm. Since this school was the first teaching experience for me, I might feel strongly about it. I hope they will continue to enjoy studying English in the futuer.

A new school and the new kids

I will start teaching at a new school next week. I’m a little bit nervous but I’m looking forward to meeting the new kids.

Small joy!!!(2017.1.30)

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