The event of the “NEW YORK Fair”

I went to the event of the “NEW YORK Fair” at Hankyu department in Umeda on May 12th. There were many booth shops with came from New York. The customers could buy from clothes to food.

Drawing impromptu on the nylon bag

I stopped by the nylon bag booth. The artist there was drawing on the nylon bag. The customers could choose a bag from variety of colors and they could also request for any drawings from the artist. Then I picked a vivid pink nylon bag and asked him to draw the buildings of manhatton and a cat. He drew them quickly with a black marker.
It was awesome! I liked that very much! He also drew a mouse on the seperate small nylon bag for me. He was so nice and kind. It costed 2160 yen. I think it worths more than 2160 yen because it is very unique.

That is the N.Y. Yankee’s ice-cream!

Next, I bought an ice-cream. The shop lady gave me a N.Y. Yankee’s small plastic cap, too. It was only 300 yen. Actually I wanted the plastic cap more than the ice-cream.
By the way do you know that the audience in the Yankee Stadium can buy an ice-cream in a plastic yankees cap in N.Y.?

The movie “Metgala”

After I left the event, I headed to the theater to watch the movie “THE FIRST MONDAY IN MAY”. The Japanese title is “Metgala”. This is a documentary movie of the creation of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s. This movie is about a fashion exhibition in N.Y.C. which I found it fun to see many celebrities in it.

For me, that day was New York Day.

That day, I enjoyed it myself because I felt like I was traveling in N.Y. through the N.Y. event and the movie. Also, they reminded me of my N.Y. trip with my cousin 3 years ago. It helped me to bring back all the memories from the fantastic N.Y. trip.

Small joy!!!(2017.5)

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#899 A beet

I found a beet at the supermarket.

It looked fresh and had fine leaves. At first, I wondered if I could make a dish with it and then I found a recipe right besides the beets. It was a salad recipe. I thought I could make it! So I bought the beet.
For me, beets are famous for borsch. And it reminds me of an Ukrainian lady who cooked borsch when I lived in the US.

Slicing the beet

As I was slicing the beet with a slicer, my hand got red and felt something weird. Because it seemed as if I had cut my finger with the slicer and was bleeding. Of course, that was just my imagination. So, I sliced it very carefully. Actually since the beet was very juicy I spilled a little bit of the red liquid on the kitchen counter.

A Beet salad

Then I put the sliced beet into a bowl and added a pinch of salt, vinegar and black pepper and mixed them. I also added some sliced carrot.
The taste was not bad, but it was a bit earthy. The red pink color was beautiful.
I sauted the beet’s green leaves with bamboo shoot, carrot, pork meat and abura-age. It was good.

In my opinion, Japanese are not so familiar with beets.
I miss the Ukrainian lady’s borsch with sour cream.

Small joy!!(2017.5.11)

↑a beet salad recipe

↑I sauted the beet’s leaves

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#900 Waited 2 hours for lunch at “Morimori Sushi”

“Morimori Sushi” in Kanazawa

I went to “Morimori Sushi”, which is a popular conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Kanazawa during Golden week.
When my husband and I got to the restaurant for lunch, there was a long line outside the restaurant. We took a number ticket from the ticket machine. The number was 399. We didn’t have any idea how long we needed to wait.

Higashi Chaya District

Then we left the place and headed to the Higashi Chaya District. We were still looking for lunch place but it was crowded everywhere. We couldn’t even get a cup of coffee. Although there were many tourists, it was fun to walk between the rows of historical chaya houses.

Finally we entered “Morimori Sushi”

We hanged around for 2 hours and then we went back to “Morimori Sushi” at Ohmicho. There was still a long line in front of the restaurant. Fortunately the waiting number was close to our number. We went back at a good time.
When we entered the restaurant it was almost 4 o’clock.

It was worth waiting for 2 hours

At first I ordered the “goukagoten-mori” set, which had a fatty tuna, a botan shrimp, an abalone, a rockfish, and a salmon roe and sea urchin sushi. My husband ordered an assorted squid sushi set. We ate a lot of dishes until I couldn’t eat any more since all the dishes were very delicious.
We paid 5788 yen. The young couple next to us paid almost 10000 yen. Since they were young, they might have a good appetite.

I recommend “Morimori Sushi” if you have the patience to wait for good sushi.

Small joy!!(2017.5.5)

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#901 A Nihon buyo lesson in Karahori

A trial lesson of “Nihon buyo”

I had a trial lesson of “Nihon buyo”, a kind of classical Japanese dance, with my friend.
At beginning, I was a little bit nervous because I didn’t know about Nihon buyo at all.
The beautiful teacher was wearing a nice kimono and tought us how to move our legs and how to hold our tenugui, which is a Japanese hand towel. When we danced we had to bend down and move slowly. The movement was a little bit tough for me, because I don’t usually pose like this in my daily life. I was sweating a little but eventually I got more comfortable with the dance.
At the end of the lesson, I took a video of myself dancing with my smartphone. Although it was only 1 minute long, I think I did well.
The lesson was about an hour. It didn’t feel like it as I was enjoying it so much.

What is the “Karahori Workshop Fes”!?

After the lesson, my friend M and I headed to a chocolate shop. We needed some drinks and sweets. I had a hot chocolate and a chocolate cake. They were delicious.

Actually there was a workshop festival in the Karahori area. We visited many shops. We touched , smelled and ate.

At last, we entered a small bonsai shop and we each bought a tiny bonsai. We promised to each other that we wouldn’t let it die and would send pictures of it to each other to report its status.

I had so much fun at the festival. I will look forward to next years’ festival.

↑A tiny bonsai and my haniwa.

Small joy!!(2017.4.16)

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