#890 “TWIN PEAKS : The Return” started on WOWOW

I am a big fan of “TWIN PEAKS”.

“TWIN PEAKS” was a cult TV drama series broadcasted in the US about 25 years ago. It was also very popular in Japan.
This drama was filmed in the rural area of Seattle, WA. Since I have lived in Seattle, I’ve been to Snoqualmie Falls that was used in the opening scene. I also visited Mar-T Cafe where one of the main characters, the detective ate a cherry pie.

Douglas fir trees of Western North America

My favorite scenes were the nature.
Especially, the Douglas fir trees which habitat in Washington states. Douglas fir is a tall evergreen timber of western North America and it smells very good.
All the things in the drama bring back so much memories, even the scene when a car was running in the deep dark winding forest paths. I drove on such roads every day.
I also like the director, DAVID LYNCH. His moves are unique, stylish and mysterious. I have the original “TWIN PEAKS” DVD set.

A comeback under the title “TWIN PEAKS:The Return”

After 25 years, this drama is finally making a comeback under the title “TWIN PEAKS:The Return”.
I’m really excited to watch this drama. It started on July 22nd on WOWOW in Japan!
Unfortunately, I am not a member of WOWOW.
Should I join it!?
But I think I can wait for the DVD release, because I have waited for its comeback for 25 years already!!

Snoqualmie Falls

Photo: Snoqualmie Falls By Andrew E. Larsen

↑Mar-T Cafe’s T-shirt says “This must be where pies go when they die!”

Small joy!!!(2017.7.24)

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#891 Revive yourself with Amazake

Amazake gives you energy

I like amazake, sweet, slightly fermented rice drink.
It has made a comeback in recent years because it’s highly nutritious. Some Japanese people even say that amazake is like a drinkable IV drip to give you energy. In Edo Period, people drank it in summer to prevent exhaustion from the summer heat.

My favorite amazake recipe

Let me introduce my latest favorite amazake recipe.
First, I don’t make amazake by myself. I buy a pack of amazake. I like “Shirayuki amazake”, 300g, from Shirayuki Shokuhin. It costs 300 yen.

I scoop 3 tablespoons of amazake to a dessert bowl, add 3 tablespoons of plain yogurt and mix them. You can add a little lemon juice if you like. That’s it!

It is very easy and very tasty! It’s like a creamy ice cream. You should try it!
It will help you revive yourself in this hot summer.

Small joy!!(2017.7.14)

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#892 Our family’s first air conditioner

My family never had an air conditioner.

I feel cold easily and I didn’t want to get one even though my husband has always wanted an air conditioner.
However, last summer was so hot that I couldn’t stand anymore.
So finally we decided to buy one last Sunday!

It can clean and prevent mold by itself.

Yesterday an AC technician came to my house and set it up for about 2 hours.
It’s the newest item in my house! Since this air conditioner is a 2017 model, it can clean and prevent mold by itself. This machine is very clever.

Hope a peaceful summer

I hope I would be able to spend a peaceful summer this year.
One thing I am worrying about is my husband and I would battle over the temperature.
I prefer higher temperature than him.

Small joy!(2017.7.14)

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#893 My new favorite hairbrush

Do you use your hairbrush every day?

I use my hairbrush every night after drying my hair. I like this particular hairbrush because I can relax when I comb my hair and the sound of brushing is very nice. It physically stimulates my scalp and it feels really good.

Lift up your face when you use it!?

I got it from my friend as a gift. She told me that it is very popular because of its excellent effect. The name is “LOUVREDO Paddle brush”. It makes your hair beautiful but also lift up your face when you use it.
According to the company, the rubber cushion contains some special minerals that emits “growth rays” during use. It also release “minus electrons” to improve blood flow.

I like the feeling of the brush.

I feel like that my hair got prettier and my face got lifted up a little when I brush my hair with it.
Actually I don’t know if any of the claimed effects are true, but there is one thing I am sure : I like the feeling of the brush when it touches my hair.
It makes me happier when I use it to brush my hair.

Small joy!!(2017.6.30)


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