#875 Meet the penguins at Tokyo station.

JR-EAST’s mascot is a cute penguin.

I am a big fan of the penguin. I finally got the candies of it which I’ve wanted before at the Tokyo station.

Although the station was crowded, I could still be able to find the penguin candies. I was happy about it.
The candy shop’s name is “Mamegui.” You can buy the penguin candies only at the shop in the basement of Gransta area.

It’s fun to look at penguin items at the Tokyo station

I also found another penguin’s confectionery nearby. It’s called “Motomachi Kouroan.”

There are many penguin’s item souvenirs shops at the Tokyo station. However, you can only buy them there.
It’s fun to look at these cute penguins.

Why don’t you visit Tokyo station and meet these lovely penguins next time when you come?

Small joy! (2017.11.17)

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#876 Sakai’s famous historical attractions, Rikyu and Kofun.

Sen no Rikyu

I live in Sakai city in Osaka. In my opinion, Sakai’s historical attractions are “Sen no Rikyu” and “Nintoku Tenno-ryo kofun”.

Sen no Rikyu was the great tea master from about 420 years ago. “Sakai Risho no mori” is a place where visitors can learn about Sakai’s history and Sen no Rikyu’s achievement. They can also experience Japanese tea ceremony here. Rikyu’s birthplace is actually right in front of the building. There are volunteers who can give a tour around the place.

↑Sakai Risho no mori

↑Rikyu’s birth place

↑Starbucks, next to Risho no mori, has a unique drive way that features Japanese rock garden.

Nintoku Tenno-ryo kofun

Another crucial thing in Sakai is “Nintoku Tenno-ryo kofun”(Mausoleum of Emperor Nintoku). This is the largest keyhole-shaped burial mound in Japan. It is thought to have been constructed in the 5th century. The city government is trying to register it as a World Heritage Site.

↑The mound is surrounded by three moats. (A moat is deep, wide ditch, typically filled with water)

↑A place of worship, we can’t go any further.

↑Imperial Household Agency says “Fishing and bird-catching are prohibited in this area.”

↑The circle is where I visited

Small joy!!(2017.11.4)

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#877 My brother’s wedding~ I became a woman in Meiji era

My brother’s wedding

I attended to my brother’s wedding ceremony on 28th October in Tokyo.
I went to a beauty salon to dress in Kimono and have my hair setting before the wedding.
At first, my hair stylist did my hair in a Japanese traditional style by using my grandmother’s keepsake’s ornamental hairpins in Meiji era. Since the kanzashi (ornamental hairpins) were made of tortoiseshell, my hair stylist said that these kanazashi are very precious for many times. I was getting nervous and excited while I was having my hair set. It took about 1 hour to set my hair.

Like a woman in Meiji era

Next, there were 2 kimono wearing staffs at the salon also helping me to wear the iro tomesode which means a married woman’s formal kimono. It took 30 minutes to wear it.
Therefore, I became like a Japanese woman in Meiji era!
I was very happy to show my kimono to my in-laws who attended the wedding.
Because it was my first time to wear the kimono that the in-laws made for me.

My brother’s song

Speaking of the wedding, it was wonderful. Especially, I was very surprised about that because my brother played the piano and sang a song to his wife and his parents. I’ve never heard his singing before. When he was singing, I saw my mother was moved to tears.

You finally did it! I am very happy for you!
Well done, brother!!

Small joy!!!(2017.11.10)

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#878 “Russia・Eastern Europe festival” at Hankyu department store

I like handicrafts and vintage stuff.

I went to “Russia・Eastern Europe festival” at Hankyu department store on Oct. 20th.
There were many handicrafts, for example, matryoshka dolls, pottery, woven fabric, clothes and etc.
Because I like handicrafts and vintage stuff, I decided to buy a small plate which has some blue flowers in design by handmade in Poland. It was 2500 yen.↓

The next thing I saw was a pretty Lithuania mittens which as some lovely strawberry pattern in it. I couldn’t stop buying it. It was 8000 yen.↓

Also, I bought a small matryoshka doll and Russian chocolates as well.

I ordered borsch and piroshki

There was a Russian food and drink counter bar at the festival square.
I ordered borsch which is a famous beets soup that goes well with a piroshki.

While I was waiting for my food, I was reflecting the way how I spent the money today.
When I was enjoying my food, I could hear a beautiful piano music playing by a Pole pianist. These food made me happy because the borsch was so delicious. That made me forgot how much I spent money today.
With the wonderful music of the piano, I caught a glance of a woman who sat beside me was falling asleep at the counter bar with her glass of Georgian wine.

If the department store is going to have such kind of festival for other countries, I would love to go again.

Small joy!!(2017.10.27)

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