#870 My kimono lesson

Kimono school

I have started to learn how to wear kimono by myself since this month. Actually I have been to kimono school twice in my life. I used to know how to wear kimono by myself. However I realized that I forgot how to wear it recently because I do not wear kimono in my daily life. This is my third time going to the kimono school. I wish this is my last lesson learning how to wear kimono because my goal is to master wearing it all by myself.

I got some kimono and a obi!

Fortunately, I got some kimono from my mom’s friend this month.
Now let me introduce 2 of them. One is in green color dyed with real green tea and it has some embroidery sewed with the pattern of flowers and a box. There is also came with a wonderful green obi. Another one is pale blue and pale pink kimono. Those are very beautiful and luxury.

I’d like to wear those kimono and show the pictures to my mom’s friend.
In my opinion, that way is one of the expressions of gratitude.

School is going to be finished in March.

The lesson has 3 levels, beginner, intermediate and advance. If I take all 3 levels, it will be done in a year. Right now I am at the beginners level and it is going to be finished in March. I am still thinking if I would like to continue moving to the next one.

Small joy!!(2018.1.26)

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#871 How my ear stole Christmas ~I had an ear problem~

One day I couldn’t hear anything

One day when I woke up in the morning, I couldn’t hear anything from my left ear and I felt some pain in my ear.
So I went to an ENT doctor. He told me that I had an infection in my middle ear and he gave me some medicines.

I had a surgical incision

Two days later, I went to another ENT doctor near my house, because I still couldn’t hear from my left ear and I could still feel the pain. Moreover my ear was ringing. The doctor O recommended to do a surgical incision into my eardrum. Nurse put some liquid anesthesia into my ear. I waited lying on the bed for 15 min until the anesthesia came into effect. The surgical incision happened really quickly and I felt some pain in the process.
Unfortunately my hearing didn’t recover.
A few days later, I heard from my friend that doctor O was not a good doctor.

I went to 3 different doctors

Since my ear’s condition didn’t improve, I went to another ENT doctor based on my friend’s recommendation. Doctor M was very popular and he cured my ear problem. I felt that my condition was getting better a little.
I went to 3 different doctors in one week, because I couldn’t hear at all from my left side, especially I had to have lessons at cram school for kids.

It has been a month since I couldn’t hear

In my case, surgical incision was not a good treatment. I think it made my condition worse.
After all I couldn’t have lessons due to my ear problem.
This happened during Christmas and now it has been a month since the morning I found out that I couldn’t hear anything.

Nothing is more important than health

During this month, I didn’t want to do anything, even reading books, checking smart phone and I didn’t want to have any communication with anyone. I was just like a “hikikomori.”

And I became to understand that how seniors who have poor hearing feel. At the same time, I found that nothing is more important than health.

Now, my ear is getting better day by day.
See, I’m posting my blog today!

Small joy!!(2018.1.24)

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