#860 Douglas fir ~ It is a type of tree that grows in North America.~

Last month, my ex-host family came to Japan. Although I had not seen them for a long time, it was wonderful to meet them.

I started to study English again a few years ago.

Because of my busy work schedule, I stopped studying English at all for a long time. Then I started to study English again, about 3 years ago. It was just my hobby.

This time, since my host family came to Japan, I felt that it was nice that my English was not so bad. Because I’m still studying English, even though it is little by little.

Douglas fir in their yard

Before they came to Japan. I asked them to bring some douglas fir branches for me. Douglas fir is a type of tree that grows in North America. I like it and it smells good. They brought a packed bag of douglas fir branches with leaves on.

It reminds me of them and Seattle.

Almost a month passed since I met with them. I miss them very much, especially when I look at the douglas fir hanging on the wall in my house.

Small joy!!(2018.4.13)

Here is my previous post about my ex-host family from Seattle came to Osaka.↓

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#861 Would you like to send your name to the Sun?

“NASA wants to send your name to the Sun”

Recently I read an article on the internet.
The article said that Parker Solar Probe is going to launch this summer and will be sent to the Sun’s surface. That well be the closest for any spacecraft that has ever been to the Sun.
And NASA is inviting people to submit their names so that they can etched them on a microchip abroad the spacecraft at no cost.

Adding my name was very easy.

Therefore I accessed Parker Solar Probe website to add my name to at the spacecraft microchip. NASA is accepting names until April 27, 2018.

The process was very easy to do.
Would you also like to send your name to the Sun?
If you want to try it, click on the link below.↓

↑Type your name and submit

↑I got my certificate “HOT TICKET”.

I read the news from this article.↓

Small joy!!(2018.4.19)

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#862 My lemon tree had a flower!

My lemon tree had a flower today!

I have been raising a potted lemon tree in my small balcony since last October.
This is my first time to see a lemon flower. The flower is white and smells good.

I’m worried about whether the flower will turn into a lemon. I feel like a mother of this little lemon tree.

This report will continue. Stay tuned for more update.
Here is my previous post about this lemon tree.↓

Small joy!!(2018.4.11)

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