#856 An interesting artist I met ~ I bought a paint at NY fair ~

I just bought a paint on impulse at “NY $99 market”.
The name of the event is called NY $99 market at Hankyu department store. There were paints selling there from the artists who are living in N.Y.C.. The customers could choose and buy their works, $99 each.

An interesting artist I met

I met an artist who was painting a picture of a rose at the event. Her name was Adriana Zubikarai. She can paint different types of pictures like realistic pictures or pictures of inspiration from her dreams.

↑An artist, Adriana Zubikarai

↑Adriana Zubikarai’s arts

↑Adriana Zubikarai’s arts

I bought a picture showed a girl was dancing

Then I chose one of her paint from all of her works on the wall. The picture showed a girl was dancing on the small stage and posing with her hand raising. This is her unique pose. However, the stage was dark. Besides, the girl was dyed in white with a blank face. But the picture still has the sense of humor I think. I like it!

↑This is the picture that I bought!

From all her pictures on the wall, she purposely drew the items in white at the centre of her work. I think the reason is coming from her dream’s inspiration.

↑Her works, $99 each

Actually, I went this event last year

This event was held at the same time from last year.
Actually I was so looking forward to this event.
At the same time, I felt the time passed so fast!
I can’t wait to go again if they hold it next year.

↑This is another artist, Peter Opheim, he was drawing at the event.

↑Peter Opheim’s arts

Small joy!(2018.5.18)

↓Here is my previous post about the “NEW YORK fair” from last year.↓

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#857 The problem of disappearing book stores.

It was the second half of the golden week

It was the second half of the golden week that I found out that a book store which is the closest to our station was closed forever. I was kind of shocked and sad to see the notice from the book store.
It announced the closing day of May 2nd. It also said that for 50 years and their gratitude to the loyal customers.
I was aware that the book store was not making a lot of money, even though it was in such a nice convenient location. I like paper books but I didn’t buy books very much at the book store. Because they didn’t have the books that fits my taste.

The problem of disappearing book stores

Recently people don’t buy books at real stores. Maybe people would rather like reading on smart phones or e-books than paper books. So it was just a matter of time that real book stores are getting fewer. However I was supporting them in my heart. Because I like paper books.

Some people, especially seniors were looking at the closed store and looked surprised and sad. I understand it because the store opened for 50 years. I’m wondering how seniors can buy books if they don’t use the internet.
It is sad that small local book stores are disappearing in our neighborhood these days.

Small joy!(2018.5.11)

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#858 “COME to THE RIVER” ~ river side building in Kitahama ~

I like having a cup of coffee or tea at anywhere.
I’m a so-called cafe lover.

A cafe called “OXYMORON”

There are some nice cafes around Kitahama area. I sometimes go there by myself or with friends.
One day I went to a cafe called “OXYMORON”. The cafe has three kinds of curry and some sweets. I had an ethnic minced curry which attached with four kinds of herbs;cilantro, mitsuba, shiso, green onion and a slice of lemon(1200yen).
It was so good.

↑lemon cake with whipped cream

River side building “COME to THE RIVER”

The building is more than 100 years. It is very stylish. Last October it was reconstructed. Even though the outside of the building keeps the old design, it’s modern. Before that it wasn’t used at all since ever.
The building has 2 cafes and 2 handmade craft shops. One of them sells the Indian items and the other one sells the items that the owner specially selected.

トモダチノ家(craft shop that the owner specially selected items)

↑トモダチノ家(craft shop that the owner specially selected items)

↑トモダチノ家(craft shop that the owner specially selected items)

↑トモダチノ家(craft shop that the owner specially selected items)

You can see roses from the building now.

You can see the river from the cafe and have relaxing time. Across from the cafe, there is a park where roses are everywhere now.
Why don’t you go to the park before going to the cafe!

KALAKARI(Indian items shop)

↑KALAKARI(Indian items shop)

Small joy!!(2018.5.4)

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#859 Are you ready? Player One! ~ What is the real world? ~

“Ready Player One”

I watched the movie “Ready Player One” twice in a week. Once was the 3D version in an IMAX theater. After that, I still want to watch it more. Because I can see a lot of popular characters and listen to famous music in the movie. It was fun to recognize them. There were also many iconic scenes from famous movies. This movie has a sense of humor, thrill, love, futuristic elements and Japanese icons.


Is the director, Steven Spielberg a huge fan of Japan? I wondered. There were many scenes that most Japanese are familiar with. For example, Mifune avatar, ガンダム(Gundam), SHARP, GOZIRA, Hello Kitty and Japanese dialogs.

VR will be a super drug in the near future

The story in 2045 was interesting. Everybody plays games in virtual reality world to escape from a harsh real world. Most people are addicted to VRW. This movie shows a possible future in 2045. Some people would make a living in a VR game as a bounty hunter in the near future.

What is the real world?

This movie says that real world is better than VRW. But I think even without the VR world, some people living in the real world are already looking themselves in a closed, biased perspective such that they can not really see the true side of the real world.

Are you ready?

Anyway, I recommend you this movie.
Watch a virtual reality world through 3D glasses.

“Are you ready? Player one!”

↑READY PLAYER ONE – Official Trailer

↑An IMAX theater has 455 seats.

↑Movie-related goods, plastic models and a book

Small joy!!(2018.4.27)

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