#846 The day when the Mega-typhoon came!

A mega-typhoon hit Kansai area on Sept. 4th.

In advance, most schools and companies in Osaka were closed on that day.
I also stayed at home. Around 1 pm heavy rain and strong wind began attacking my apartment. Around 1:30 pm, my house had a blockout. Then the sound of the wind was getting really strong. It felt like it was going to blow my apartment off.
I found water coming out under the windows. The floor and tatami mat were wet. What!? My house is on the 7th floor. It was the rain that came in through the spaces in the windows. I wiped the floors in each room with many towels.
2 hours later, after the blackout, the storm went away. I was so scared while the storm was attacking my house. The night, I slept alone, because my husband went on a business trip.

Sept. 5th

Next morning, the water supply failed. Fortunately, I had many bottles of water in my house. I just worried about the fridge because of the blackout. I was also anxious about my smartphone’s battery.
I went out to checkout our shopping district. Most stores were opened. Things looked normal, except for one broken traffic light in my neighborhood. I went to a Docomo shop and charged the battery of my smartphone. Then I bought some dry cells for my flashlight at Daiso, 100 yen shop. Some people bought dry cells, too.
The night, my husband came back home. It was still blackout and no water.

Sept. 6th

In the morning at around 9:30 am, the TV suddenly turned on.
Power was back! At the same time, water supply was back, too!
The first thing I did was doing the laundry and washing dishes. I checked the fridge, it looked fine. Just having the TV on made me relax.
When there was no power, I didn’t want to do anything. I was just waiting for the time to pass. But once the power was back, I really wanted to do something.
I was revived!
There is nothing like the ordinary life.

Lesson I learned

The things that I learned this time.

  1. There is no water during blackout. Because some buildings use electric pumps.
  2. Fill the bathtub with water in advance before typhoon.
    Since I couldn’t flush the toilet, I used the bathtub water to flush. It was good enough to flush the toilet paper.
  3. Fully charge your smartphone before typhoon!

Small joy!!(2018.9.7)

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