#833 Finally I used the Starbucks coupon.

I went to the Starbucks Reserve to use a customer voice coupon receipt from Starbucks. You can use it as a free drink coupon that you can order any drinks.

I asked the barista if I can use the coupon for the most expensive coffee beans.
She smiled and said “Yes, you can do it.”
Then, I’ve decided to order a tall “Hawaii Kau” coffee. That’s 1360 yen.

↑I picked pour-over, a one type of brewing methods.

↑It was good but it’s not as good as I expected. The size was too big that I couldn’t finish it.

↑It was interesting to see a barista making me a coffee right in front of me.

It’s expensive to try this out, but it’s worth to taste such most expensive coffee by using the Starbucks coupon.

Small joy!(2019.1.18)

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#834 Three girls performed at the stage.

A huge annual performance

Last Saturday, the cram school that I am working at had a huge annual performance for students. This event had about 300 children performed the classical Japanese performing arts at stage in front of their families. 

The wind and the sun

In my class, I had 3 girls’ students who performed a story called “The wind and the sun” from Aesop’s Fables. They were the only 3 who performed it in English with gestures as special participants while the others were performed their own programs in Japanese. 

While they were performing, I was watching them carefully at the back stage in case they forgot the words. I was so excited standing there for the entire 3 minutes of their performance.

They made it!

Their performance was awesome! Finally they made it! They received many warm applause from audiences.

I was proud of them. It was moved that I thought I would cry after they performed. But I didn’t. Maybe, I was too nervous and I forgot to cry. 

Children always have the miracle and strong power to do thing. They always give me the motivation to teach better.

Small joy!!!(2019.1.12)

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#835 Marilyn Monroe and Mikimoto pearls

I saw a pearl necklace at Mikimoto exhibition. 

The necklace was owned by Marilyn Monroe once. When baseball legend Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe came to Japan on their honeymoon, he gave the necklace to her. 

According to the description, although she rarely wore any jewelry, she loved the pearl necklace. There are many photographs of her wearing it. 

I asked an usher “Why did this necklace come back to Mikimoto?”

He said “Mikimoto got it through an auction in N.Y.. About 10 years ago.”

I looked carefully at each pearl of the necklace.

They were shining gracefully and gently. 

Imagining her wearing it fascinated me.

Small joy!!(2018.12.7)

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