#801 How to prevent stinking socks. A great lesson from “GATTEN”.

How to wash stinking socks.

I watched the TV show “GATTEN” on Wednesday.
I learned that when you wash your socks, you should turn your socks inside out to make your socks last longer and smell better.

“Socks washed inside out” vs. “socks washed regularly”

In the experiment in the show, socks that were washed inside out had a lower odor level than socks washed regularly.
The show explained that socks are made of different materials on the inside and outside.
The inside is made of elastic chemical material to prevent the socks from slipping down, such that the socks can stay on the feet, while the outside is made of soft natural material.
The elastic material on the inside poses a problem. It entangles skin grease and dead skin cells easily, causing bad smells even after washing.
So you should wash your socks inside out to get rid of them.

Some people might worry that the outside of the socks may not get washed well if following this method.
Don’t worry! The stain on the outside of the socks is mostly common household grease. They can be got rid of easily by laundry detergent.

The inside out washed socks were cleaner, smelled better and longer lasting.

In a two-week experiment, they found that there was 3 times more the amount of protein stains on the regularly washed socks than the inside out washed socks. Of course the inside out washed socks were cleaner and smelled better.

Moreover, inside out washed socks are longer lasting and they don’t get lint balls and holes easily. In the show, socks were washed inside out and regularly for 100 times. They compared the socks with a new pair of socks. The inside out washed socks looked just like the new socks! On the other hand, the regularly washed socks were losing color and had some pilling.
You can also wash stockings and tights inside out in a laundry net.

What a great episode! I have learned some unique knowledge.
I think I will do this from now on!

Small joy!!(2020.2.21)

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#802 I sold a health care goods and a book in “mercari”.

Finally I sold my stuff in “mercari”

Finally I sold my stuff in “mercari” which is an online buy & sell service.
The memorial first ever sold item was a health care goods. It is hard to describe what it is. It is a cylindrical tube, not very heavy, about 16 cm tall. It is made of hard rubber. You can put it on the floor and put your leg on top of it to massage your calf or thigh. And also other parts of your body.

I bought it for about 2000 yen 6 months ago. When I used it, on my arm, it felt quite painful so I gave up using it.
I sold it on mercari for 1500 yen, but I had to pay for shipping for 700 yen and mercari charged 10 % commission, so I only got 650 yen back. Of course I am not making money. But I was not going to use it anyway. Leaving it at home will only take up space in my house. At least now I get some money back and I hope someone else can make good use of it.

I also sold a book.

The same evening, I also sold a book to another customer. It was a book about investment. I finished it so I don’t need it anymore. Well, if you asked me what it is about, I would tell you that I forgot most of it already. But the truth is that I don’t think I will ever pick it up and read again. So it is a good idea to sell it.

I am very happy that I was able to sell 2 items in such a short time. I want to sell more, so I made more postings but so far I haven’t got any reply. I better learn how to improve my selling technique.

Small joy!!

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