#789 Some students totally forgot English. Let’s prepare well for the future!

May 28th was my first day returning to work after the lift off of the state of emergency.
I was happy to meet my students at my cram school. It’s been about 2 months since I met them.

Reading aloud is banned in the lesson

There is a hand cleaner at the entrance in the classroom.
We all have to wear masks. The window in the classroom was kept open.
Before the pandemic, it was common to ask students to read aloud vocabularies or sentences after the teacher. Now this behavior is banned to prevent the spread of the virus.

Some students totally forgot English.

In the last 2 months, students were getting online lessons instead of in-person lessons. I was hoping that it worked well for students.

What day is it today?
How is the weather?
What month is it?

When I asked some questions to them, some students totally forgot.
Moreover, I couldn’t hear their voice because of their masks.

Well, it’s not your fault.
It must have been a while since you last spoke English. I understand you had a tough time. I will help you to get you interested in English more than before.

Let’s prepare well for the future.

The pandemic has dramatically changed the way we live. Doing things online will be more common. Using English will be even more common because we will have to communicate online with the rest of the world in English. Let’s prepare well for the future.

When you use translator, it feels like there is a wall between you and the listener, because you have no option but to blindly place your trust on the translator. You feel powerless and worried that your true message cannot be translated properly.

Small joy!!(2020.5)

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#790 A book「ジム・ロジャーズ大予測」(”JIM ROGERS’s big prediction”)

「ジム・ロジャーズ大予測」(”JIM ROGERS’s big prediction”)

A book store in my town reopened this week since the government restriction has been lifted recently.
I bought a book called 「ジム・ロジャーズ大予測」(”JIM ROGERS’s big prediction”). Jim Rogers is a famous investor. This book was published for his special interview about the coronavirus crisis.

He has a unique and interesting theory.
He always says “If you were a 10 years old Japanese boy, get out from Japan and buy a gun to protect yourself.”
“Invest in North Korea. Buy the land of North Korea.” blah-blah-blah

This time, I learned 3 things from this book.

  • You should open bank accounts in foreign countries.

Cheap yen and inflation will lower the value of Japanese yen in the future. Assets and pension will no longer be reliable. You should open bank accounts in foreign countries. If it is too much trouble, buy foreign stock, bonds or ETF.

  • You should definitely invest in agriculture in Japan.

Japan produces very high-quality agricultural products. It is important to increase production and promote these products to world-wide as the main marketing strategy. 
Farmlands in Japan are very cheap and in large supply. You should definitely invest in agriculture if you have the money to do so. The future looks bright if you can gather enough young people or foreign workers to work in this field. Retired people may also be part of the workforce.

  • It is actually a good thing that the Olympics is cancelled.

The Olympics is not meant to provide significant economic benefit to the general public. No country was ever saved by hosting the Olympics in the past, because of the huge debts involved. Instead of worrying about hosting the game, I think the Japanese people should worry about paying the debts afterwards.

Small joy!!(2020.5.22)

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