#785 I guess this is the trend of 2020, the “Corona Fashion.”

Make a dress for me, please!

Recently I bought a very nice piece of cloth. The print is filled with many kinds of colorful flowers on a black background. I was told that the same print is actually used by Gucci and I really like the pattern.
Since I’m not very good at sewing, I asked my friend to use it to make a dress for me. We met at a restaurant and I showed her the cloth. We decided to make a summer dress and she took my measurements. It was such a fun time.

A week later, a fitting

A week later, I went to her aunt’s house for a fitting. Her aunt is a tailor and she was getting her aunt’s advices. The dress was sleeveless and had a full flared skirt. It looked so elegant. I was wondering whether I should let the hem of the skirt down, but they said that the original length suited me better, so we decided to keep it that way.

2 weeks later, finally ready with a mask

After another week, I went to her aunt’s house again. My dress was finally ready. I tried it on and it fitted me well. The dress was beautiful but I looked at the mirror and realized that my upper arms were a little chubby with a sleeveless dress. I think it is time to trim up my arms!
My friend also made me a mask from the leftover cloth to pair with the dress. That was so perfect. I really like this kind of accessories. It adds a twist to the overall design. Thanks a lot to her for making me a special mask.
I guess this is the trend of 2020, the “Corona Fashion.”

I can wear it in the summer and early autumn. My friend also told me that a short cardigan would better match the dress if I wear it in the autumn. She is such a good fashion advisor.
I want to wear this beautiful dress as long as possible. I better exercise more to keep my body in shape.

Small joy!!(2020.9.18)

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