#774 The sound of singing bowl may relive your stress.

Have you ever heard the sound of singing bowl?

The vibration of the sound is really interesting. You can make the bowl sing by holding the bowl with one hand, and pressing a mallet against the bowl’s edge in a circular motion with another hand. It’s fun to hear the sound getting louder.

I was told that singing bowl is originated from Tibet and is one of the ritual implements. It is also being used as a healing tool these days and is popular among yoga practitioners in Europe and America.

Strangely, I feel hot when I make the sound.

Singing bowl is used for stress relief and to clear one’s mind. I heard that it also has some other potential benefits. In my case, I use it when I want to change my mood before doing something. Or when I have nothing to do.
Strangely, I feel hot when I make the sound. Maybe I was so focused on making the sounds. An Indian shop owner that sells singing bowls said the vibration of the sound go through from your hand to bloodstream and improve blood flow. I am not so sure about but I think it is interesting!

“The sound will bring us the power to live in a beautiful tomorrow!” with a description

The singing bowl comes with a description: “The sound of this bowl will remove the anxieties and annoyances in our lives, and bring us the power to live in a beautiful tomorrow together with the sound.”

I hope this sound help us in these tough times.

Small joy!!(2021.1.15)

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#775 It feels like a good start of the year by getting a McDonald’s lucky bag

A McDonald’s lucky bag

Do you buy a lucky bag every New Year?
I don’t, but I got a McDonald’s lucky bag which was collaborated with Coleman this year.

↑There are two designs of the front and back.

It includes a tote bag, a clock, a mug, a porch and free meal coupons for 3160 yen. Moreover, if you were lucky, you had a 1/10th of a chance to get an extra meal card for 500 yen. The price of the lucky bag was 3000 yen (tax included).
It took a little bit of work to get this lucky bag. First, you had to enter an online lottery in December. If you won, you could buy at the McDonald’s which you designated beforehand.

Actually, I lost the lottery.

I was disappointed it at the beginning of this year. But my husband didn’t give up. He checked the internet and found that sometimes customers can still buy lucky bags, because some lottery winners don’t show up and there are usually leftovers. So we went to 2 McDonald’s in our area by our car before 11pm to see if there was any leftover bag. Both didn’t have any left.
Although we are not big fans of McDonald’s, I felt like we were playing a treasure hunting game, so it was quite exciting.

The game was finished and happy ending.

Although I almost gave up, he didn’t. Finally he bought it at the McDonald’s inside Namba station the next day.
He looked very satisfied since the game was over.
For me it feels like a good start of the year, in which I missed my chance but eventually I got it with the help of my never-give-up husband.

Anyway, the bag didn’t have an extra meal card. But I feel I am already lucky enough.

Small joy!!(2021.1.8)

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