#772 People are unusually kind and treat us well when we are in kimono. Maybe.

↑My friend made me this mask to pair the haori-kimono.↑

Kimono lunch

Recently I met with two other friends for a “kimono lunch”. A “kimono lunch” means everyone who attends the lunch must be wearing kimono.
The weather was sunny. It was a perfect day to wear kimono outside.

We had lunch at a nice restaurant at Namba. The food and atmosphere were great but the staff made a mistake in the order and served a different dish to my friend. She had ordered a salmon rice pot, but they gave her a sea bream rice pot. The server said, “Sorry, we’ll make another one, but it’ll take some time.” My friend said, “Well, it’s okay. I’ll take the sea bream.” After a while, the server brought us three salmon sushi as an apology for the mistake. We shared the sushi and they were delicious.

When we left the restaurant, a casher apologized sincerely about the mistake.
We talked about that people are unusually kind and treat us well when we are in kimono. Maybe.

At a Chanel boutique

We stopped by a Chanel boutique which I’ve never been in. My friends like Chanel. We were just looking in the crowded store. I was wearing a mask which has the same pattern design as my kimono.
Three store staff at different corners said to me, “Your mask matches with your kimono! They are stunning!” “You look gorgeous!” “Three of you were so outstanding when you entered the store”
I was so happy because I was praised by the Chanel staff. And I didn’t feel that they were just trying to flatter us.

We talked about how incredibly kind people were when we were in kimono again after leaving the store.

Small joy!!(2021.2.12)

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#773 A front-loading washing machine came in my home.

The newcomer has a drying function.

A new washing machine came in my home last Sunday.
It is a big brown front-loading washing machine.

Since the old one was already 25 years old, although it could still run fine, I decided to say good bye to it with a big thank you. The old one’s brand was National and the newcomer is Toshiba. The old one didn’t have a drying function but new one has it.

↑This is the old one. I said good bye to it with a big thank you.

A happy thing & a bad thing

The first day when the new washing machine came I did a lot of laundry. Although it took more than 3 hours, I was happy when I opened the washing machine’s door to touch and feel the warm laundry.

On the other hand, I had a bad experience. The fuse was blown because I used the washing machine, oil heater and a hair dryer at the same time.

I need to get used to its big size. It makes the laundry room feel small.
I haven’t finished reading the user manual yet. I have to do that.
I hope I can eventually master this advanced machine just like the old one.

Small joy!!(2021.2.5)

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