#771 The ability to ask, think and express from the age of 10

I read the book named 「10歳から身につく問い、考え、表現する力」(“The ability to ask, think and express from the age of 10”).

I just want to keep a memo about this book for myself.

According this book, the best age to start studying English is at 10, because kids at this age can understand grammar.
And the author doesn’t recommend going to international school if the parents don’t speak English at home. Mother language is the most important language for kids. It’s not too late if high school students go abroad to learn English.

Regarding how to speak English, you need to speak clearly with abdominal breathing, so that other people can hear your voice better. Small voice is not good.
Reading aloud is a good practice to train your spoken English.

Make them ask anything

Don’t say “Why don’t you understand?” to kids.
They wouldn’t ask you anymore. Let’s compliment and admit their questions. You should say “You noticed something interesting.”” I didn’t have that idea.”

My thoughts on this book

My students are around 10-year-old. So it’s a perfect time to start English.
Under the pandemic, kids in my school are wearing masks. The masks are making it a bit difficult for them to speak English. Since their voice is very small, I can’t hear them. I might say that you don’t have to speak loudly, just speak clearly.
On the other hand, some students are talkative and speak up in class, but in Japanese. I think this book is probably targeted for parents. In their case, they have a lot more time to spend on just one child. In my class, it is quite different. I am just one teacher versus 10+ students in the classroom. I do not have the time to pay attention to each kid equally. Maintaining order is more important in a large class. Otherwise, everyone will get so loud and the class simply cannot carry on.

Small joy!!(2021.3)

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