#767 It’s the best season for peaches!

Wakayama is famous for peaches in Western Japan.

My husband and I drove to a farmer’s market in Wakayama to buy peaches last Sunday. It took about an hour from my house.
When I got off the car in the parking lot, I could already smell the sweet aroma of the peaches in the air, because the peach market was right next to the parking. At the moment, I was sure that I could buy some delicious peaches. It was a crowded day at the market and many customers were buying lots of peach in boxes.
We wanted to send a box to each of our parents. I needed to make sure that there was a small piece of warranty paper in the peach box. Without the paper, the box cannot be delivered.

We found nice-looking peaches and sent to our parents.

I joined the crowd at the market, and luckily I found 2 nice-looking boxes. There were 8 peaches in the box and it costed 1800 yen. The price was labelled on the box. While I was holding my 2 boxes, more customers were rushing in. I saw the other boxes flying off the shelf in front of me. I was kind of overwhelmed. My husband wasn’t there at that time. I don’t know why my husband is always missing during important moments. Then he suddenly appeared and we chose 4 peaches for ourselves. The market has “kuroneko yamato” delivery service. We used it to send the peaches to our parents in Niigata and Chiba.

Our “first peach” this year!

On the way home, I could smell the peaches, herbs, flowers, and vegetables in our car. It feels wonderful when you can smell fresh groceries.
Next day, our parents called us and said, “the peaches were very delicious. Our “first peach” this year! Thank you!”

Small joy!!(2021.6.20)

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#768 Having 15 small kids posing together is a very cute scene.

Sit up straight! , Raise your hand!, Touch your nose!とかスピーディーに指示をし、生徒に予め決められたポーズをさせます。15人くらいの小学生が一斉に同じゼスチャーをしているは可愛らしい。こちらは支持している側なのでちょっとした優越感である。

I teach grade 4 students English at my cram school. We often use gesture to help the students remember English vocabularies.
“Sit up straight!”
“Raise your hand!”
“Touch your nose!”

The students follow my instructions to make certain poses as quickly as possible.
Having 15 small kids posing together is a very cute scene. And to be able to lead them to do what I want makes me feel superior sometimes.

One of the instructions is “Smile!”, but since everyone is wearing mask during the class, I can’t find out whether they are actually smiling, so this one is skipped.

Small joy!!(2021.6)

“Sit up straight!”

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#769 Have you been fine during the covid-19 pandemic?

Have you been fine during the covid-19 pandemic?
Are you having some ups and downs in your physical condition?
Are you feeling differently in the pandemic?

Talking about myself, I don’t feel so good under the state of emergency. I don’t want to do anything.
I don’t want to study English and read books like before.
Do I have depression!?
But I have great appetite!

One day my friend H gave me a message. She said, “You haven’t posted in your blog for a while. I look forward to reading your blog.”
I haven’t posted in my blog for 2 months.

Thanks to her message, I’ve got some energy. I’m happy that I have such a nice friend.
Now is the time to find small joys under the pandemic. I will write my blog again.

If you are not well, let’s find some small joys in our daily life. It may motivate you to do something.
And I want to tell you that it’s not only you if you don’t feel well under this long pandemic.

Small joy!!(2021.5)

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