#765 Short stories bout 2 boys in my class

I’d like to share a story about 2 boys in my class this time.

A 5th grader, very tanned boy

The first boy is a 5th grader, very tanned, wears a baseball cap every day and speaks loudly. One day when I checked his homework, I found he wrote “Ramen” in his answer. Actually it was wrong. The instruction was to translate the phrase “What is your favorite food?” from Japanese to English. They were learning about “What” in that exercise. He was not supposed to answer with his favorite food. I knew he was not trying to give a wrong answer. He probably just misread the instruction only.
He is such a funny boy.

A 4th grader, baby castella for dad

Another boy is a 4th grader. He comes to our class after his abacus lesson. He often talks to me after our lesson.
He said, “Today is my father’s birthday.”
I said, “Your mom is going to get a birthday cake, isn’t she?”
“Yes! I’m also going to buy baby castella for dad. It is 200 yen for 12 pieces.” Then he showed me his little wallet. ”Look!” He looked a little proud of himself.
The baby castella place is not a shop but a street vender in front of the station. I always smell its sweet aroma when I pass in front of the street vender.
I said, “Your father will be proud of you! He will be very happy! Take care of yourself on your way home.”
Just imagining how he was going to buy the baby castella makes me smile.
Such a sweet kid!

Small joy!!(2021.10)

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#766 A sweet called “murasame”

A sweet in Kishiwada

I go to kimono lesson every week. A lady who is a member of the class taught me about a sweet. It is called “murasame” and it is a traditional sweet in Kishiwada, Osaka. Kishiwada is famous for its “Danjiri Matsuri”, a cart-pulling festival held in Kansai area. She said the sweet is plain but she likes it.

I like the sound of the name “murasame”.

Murasame is a steamed cake made from rice flour, red beans and sugar. I really wanted to try it. And more than that, I was interested in the wabi-sabi name. Wabi-sabi means traditional Japanese beauty in a little sadness. Murasame is written as “村雨(むらさめ)” in Japanese. It literally translates to “village rain”. It refers to a type of rain that falls hard and then gently stops that usually happens in autumn and winter. I really like the sound of the name “murasame”.
Recently I finally had a chance to buy it and try it at home. The taste was plain and rustic. It is not rich at all, but I like it.

Now I understand why they use “murasame” for the sweet. The name and the taste match together. I think it is kind of a sweet for adult. One will have to experience life long enough to be able to enjoy the true meaning of the sweet.

Which do you like sweets or handsome guys?

Speaking of “murasame”, it reminds me of a handsome “celebrity gardener” whose name is also Murasame. Do you know him? He is often on TV. He comes from Sweden and became a naturalized Japanese. I think he chose a beautiful Japanese name.

Small joy!!(2021.10)

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